Laitances De Carpes A La Hollandoise - Carps Roes Dutch Fashion

Boil a dozen of small white Onions scalded in half a pint of white Wine, a faggot of sweet Herbs, a good bit of Butter, Pepper and Salt: When three parts done, put scalded Carps Roes into it, and finish the boiling; (they require no longer than time enough, to finish. the Onions very tender) reduce the Sauce pretty thick; put the Roes into the middle of the Dish, and the Onions round: Mix a little Spinach-juice with the Sauce, to give it a pale green colour, or a strong green if you think proper: Serve the Sauce upon the Onions only, or in the bottom of the Dish, and the rest upon it; garnish it round with fried Bread. - Carps Roes are also dressed as a Chicken Fricassee, with Mushrooms, a little chopped Parsley, and white Liaison Sauce.

Laitances De Carpes A La Bellevue - Carp Roes, Agreeable, Well-looking

Scald the Roes in warm Water, and prepare a Stew-pan with thin slices of Lard, and one slice of Ham; upon this a scalded Sweet-bread, a faggot of sweet Herbs, Onions cut into hoops pretty thick, a glass of white Wine, whole Pepper, and a little Salt; (or none if the Ham is not very fresh) when the Sweet-bread is almost brazed enough, put the Roes to it, a little Broth, and about two dozen of Craw-fish Tails picked; simmer together about a quarter of an hour; then put the Sweet-bread into the middle of the Dish, with two or three of the Onion-rings upon it, which you baste with Whites of Eggs to make them stick the better; fill them with Crawfish spawn boiled a moment in a good Cullis, and the Roes and Crewfish Tails round separately; add somc good rich Cullis to the Sauce, make it pretty thick, sift it in a Sieve, and pour it upon the Roes only. Laitances de Carpes a l'Angloise, Carp Roes English Fashion.

Boil scalded Roes about a quarter of an hour in some good Jelly Broth, seasoned with Pepper and Salt: When ready to serve, add a bit of Butter rolled in Flour, simmer it a moment without boiling, add a Lemon Squeeze, and let the Sauce be of a middling consistence, neither very thick, nor clear and thin.

A la Bechamel, done with Bechamel Sauce; scald them first, and simmer them a while in it.

Laitances De Carpes Frites. Carps Roes Fried

Scald them as usual; and when they are well drained, marinate about an hour with Lemon Juice and a little Salt; drain and flour them to fry in a very hot Friture to give them a good brown colour i Drain upon a Sieve, or with a Cloth; squeeze an Orange over, and garnish with fried Parsley.