Oeufs brouilles, viz. masked: Instead of being in Omelets, they are done with the same Seasoning, or Minced-meats, as Omelets.

Oeufs En Neige - Snow-balls Of Eggs

Boil about three half-pints of Cream, with a little Lemon-peel rasped, a few drops of Orange-slower Water, a little Salt, and a quarter of a pound of Sugar; reduce it to half in boiling; break about eight Eggs, separate the Yolks from the Whites, which last beat up to a froth; put this into the Cream by spoonfuls while it is boiling, keep them separated like poached Eggs, and turn them about the same; take them out to drain, according as they are done; lay them upon the Table-dish, one over another, and mix the Yolks with the Cream, keeping it upon the Fire without boiling, only long enough to give it con-sistence, as is done to a Liaison for a Fricassee; sift it in a Sieve and serve upon the Whites.

Oeufs D La Dauphine - Eggs The Dauphin's Fashion

Boil a pint of Cream, with a quarter of a pound of Sugar, a little rasped Lemon-peel, and a bit of Cinnamon; sift it when you find that the Cinnamon prevails enough, and put it to boil again; boil five or six spoonfuls of Whites of Eggs as the last, and drain them the same: When the Cream is half cold, beat up six or eight Yolks with it, pour it on the Table-dish, and bake it between two slow Fires; froth up the remainder of the Whites, which you put upon the Cream, raised in the middle; powder it with Sugar, and keep it a little while under a Brazing-pan Cover, or in a mild Oven: When ready to serve, put the Snow-balls round it, and garnish with Nonpareils as you shall think proper.

Oeufs Au Caffe - Coffee Eggs, Or With Coffee

Make some good strong Coffee, let it rest to clear as usual, and sweeten it with Sugar according to Discretion; beat up six Yolks of Eggs, with about four cups of Coffee, and sift it; pour this into little moulds in the form of Eggs, or of any other, (do not fill them quite) and bake in a mild Oven, or a Dutch one, or with a Brazing-pan Cover between two Fires. They are made after this manner, in the shape of any Fruits or Birds, if you have proper moulds, either of copper or china, etc. etc.

Oeufs A L'eau An Caramel - Eggs With Water Caramel

Boil a quarter of a pound of Sugar with a glass of Water, until it is come to a pretty brown colour; then add a pint of Water, and boil about half an hour, adding some Cinnamon, Coriander, and Lemon-peel: When this is half cold, beat up six Yolks of Eggs therein, sift it in a Sieve, and pour it on the Dish you intend for table, or in Moulds or Cups as the last, and bake in the same manner as au Bain-Marie, Oeufs brouilles a la Provenšale.

Masked Eggs, Provencel Fashion

Done with pounded Anchovies, mixed with a spoonful of Cullis, and half as much of the Whites as Yolks of Eggs; mash on the Fire to three parts; then put them on the Dish, and a little rasped Parmesan over; bake a moment in the Oven.