Palais De Boeufsa La Poulette - Fricassee Of Beef's Palates

Boil and peel the Palates as before directed; cut them small, and put them into a Stew-Pan, with a little Butter, a Slice of Ham, Mushrooms, a Faggot, Shallots, two Cloves, a few Taragon Leaves, a Glass of white Wine and Broth; simmer it until the Sauce grows short; then take out the Faggot, add Salt and Pepper, three Yolks of Eggs and Cream, and a little chopped Parsley; make a Liaison, and add a Squeeze of Lemon when ready.

Palais De Boeufs A` L'angloise - Beef's Palates, English Fashion

Braze your Palates and peel them well, split them in two, and spread upon them some good Forced-meat made of Veal or roasted Fowl; roll them up like an Olive, then dip them in Batter made with Flour and Yolks of Eggs, a Spoonful of Oil, Salt, and a Glass of white Wine, which you must pour in by little and little; make your Batter a little thicker than very thick Cream; fry the Palates of a good Colour, and serve them with a clear Sauce, or fried Parsley.

Palais De Boeufs Au Petit Lard, Beef's Palates With Pickled Pork

Slice some pickled Pork, boil it slowly, and skim off the Fat; then add a little Cullis and Vinegar, a little Consomme, two or three chopped Shallots, Pepper, and brazed Palates cut in large Pieces: Warm without boiling.

Palais De Boeufs Au Pontiffe - Beef's Palates, With Pontiff Sauce

Cut brazed Palates round to the Size of a Crown Piece; cut also Pieces of Bread Crumb of the same Bigness, and rather thin; fry the Bread in Butter; put a little of the said Sauce in the Table Dish, then the Bits of Palates, and a Piece of Bread upon each; simmer it some Time on a slow fire, and when ready to serve, add more of the same Sauce, according to Discretion.

Palais De Boeufs Au Parmesan - Beef's Palates And Parmesan (see Neat's Tongue And Parmesan)

Palais de Boeufs en Fillet, Beef's Palates Shredded, Braze the Palates and cut them small; let them soak an Hour in Lemon Juice, then dry them, and roll them in Batter made of Flour, a Spoonful of Oil, a little Salt and white Wine; and fry them of a fine Colour.

Palais De Boeufs En Timbale - Beefs Palates In Moulds

Garnish your Moulds with Veal-Cowl, and cut the Palates (being first brazed) according to the Moulds; make a good forced Meat with Fowl, and the Parings of the Palates, with all proper Seasonings; put a Bit of the Palates into the Bottom, then forced Meat, and repeat it until the Moulds are full; cover each with chopped Truffles, and one Bit of Palate last; wrap each in the Cowl, and bake them in the Oven; when done, take them out of the Moulds carefully, wipe off the Fat, and serve upon them what Sauce you please.

N. B. Timbale implies a Kettle-drum; and these Moulds are so called from their being made in that Shape.

Palais De Boeufsa La Br Ochette - Beef's Palates Broiled On Small Scuers

Boil three or four Palates in Water; when well peeled and trimmed, cut them in four or six Pieces, put them into a Stew-pan with Mushrooms, Shallots, half a Clove of Garlick, Parsley and Chibol, all finely chopped, Pepper and Salt, a Bit of Butter rolled in Flour, two Spoonfuls of Cullis, and a Glass of white Wine; boil on a slow Fire until the Sauce is quite reduced, then add a little Butter and three Yolks of Eggs; sim-mer it over the Fire to make the Sauce quite thick; then roll the Palates as you do Larks, in the Sauce and Bread Crumbs, and broil them gently of a fine Colour. You may serve them either with or without Sauce; if any, let it be clear Gravy and Verjuice, or Lemon.