Filets De Poulets A La Bechamel Pann'ee - Fillets Of Chickens, With Bechamel Sauce And Bread Crumbs

Cut off the Hind Part of two or three Chickens,, (viz. the Legs and Rumps, which will serve you for another Dish) and roast the Breast, first wrapped in, Paper well rubbed with Butter; when done, and cold, cut all the Meat into Fillets, to put into a Bechamel Sauce, and place it in the Dish you intend to serve to table; ftrew Bread Crumbs over it, basting with a little melted Butter, and give it a colour in the oven,, or with a salamander, or the cover of a Brazing-pan. - You will find Bechamel Sauce in the Sauce Articles. - This is also done with the remains of any kind of cold Poultry.

Filets Souffles A La Bechamel

Fillets raised, Bechamel Sauce. Put a bit of good Butter into a Stew-pan with a slice of Ham, and two Shallots cut into bits, a few Basil Leaves, and one sliced Onion; soak all together upon a quick fire, adding Cream sufficient, and boil it till the Sauce is of a good consistence; sift it in a sieve, add Pepper and Salt, and then put to it Fillets of roasted Meat, as of Poultry, Rabbits, Partridges, etc. with the Whites of two Eggs, first well beaten; mix all well together, and pour it in the Dish you intend to use; lastly, sprinkle Bread Crumbs over it, place very small bits of Butter close to each other upon the Crumbs, give it colour as in the former direction, and serve it quite hot.

Fleuronsa La Brunette, Flourish In Form Of Petit Pâté

Take Petit Pâté Moulds, or any other, and gar-nish the inside with very thin slices of Bacon; then cut Truffles in the form of any kind of flowers you please, lay them upon the Bacon, at the upper part of the Moulds, for a border, and garnish the lower with any sorts of Greens of different colours, first scalded, and rubbed all over with Whites of Eggs to make them stick; then chop the Parings of the Truffles, with Breast of Fowl roasted, Udder, scraped Lard, half a Shallot, Pepper, Salt, and four Yolks of Eggs; fill the Moulds with this, cover them with a thin slice of Lard, and bake them, the oven being of the same heat as for Petit Pat'es: They will only require about a quarter of an hour to bake. When done, take off the Lard at the top, turn them over carefully upon the cover of a Stew-pan, and then take off the first slices of Lard gently, for fear of displacing any of the garnishing: Serve with a good Cullis Sauce, mixed with a little white Wine. - Any other kind of Forced-meat will do equally well.

Poulets A La Bricoliere

This name is taken from the way in which they are trussed, as re-sembling part of a chairman's strap, or the harness of a shaft-horse.

Bone two or three small fat Chickens, all to the Legs, which you truss upon the Breasts; give them a few turns in a Stew-pan, with a little Oil or Butter, Butter, and two slices of peeled Lemon; then put them into another Pan with a few slices of Ham and Veal, the Oil or Butter, and Lemon which you used before, and cover them over with slices of Bacon, a Faggot, one clove of Garlick, two Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, Pepper and Salt; soak all this about a quar-ter of an hour, then add a glass of white Wine, and finish the brazing; sift and skim the Sauce, add a little Cullis, to make aLiaison, and serve upon the Chickens.