Potage Au Naturel Ou De Santé. A Plain Natural Soup

Makea good Broth with Slices of Beef, (a Fowl if you please) a Couple of Onions, a Carrot, a Pars-nep, and a little Salt; the Broth being finished of a good Taste sift it clear: simmer the Bread in some of this Broth, and what Herbs you think proper in a small Stew-pan by themselves. If you would serve any Kind of Meat in this Soup, as is very common, (such as a Nuckle of Veal, a Fowl, Pigeons, or any Thing else) scald it a Moment, and boil it in the Broth pot, taking Care not to boil it too much:a Fowl is done to a proper Degree when it gives under the Finger.

Potagea la Bonne Femme en Gras & en Maigre. Soup of all Sorts of Herbs with Meat or without.

Scald all Sorts of Roots, as Onions, Carrots, Tur-neps, Celery, Leeks, and two Cloves of Garlick; boil these together about a Quarter of an Hour; then drain, and put them in a Soup-pot, with a proper Quantity of very good Broth, and about a Pint of dried Peas tied loose in a Cloth; boil slowly till the Peas are done tender, which mash, and sift as Peas Cullis with the Broth, and simmer in a small Soup-pot, with small Leaves of young Lettuces, Sorrel, Charvil, half a Carrot and Parsneps cut small; add a little Gravy, to colour and strengthen it; let the Roots and Greens be done very tender; simmer the Bread with some of the same Broth; pour it first in the Dish, and garnish it round with the Fillets of Carrots and Parsneps, intermixed with some of the Greens. Prepare it after the same Manner for Meager, using Butter and Fish Broth, Cullis and Gravy.

Potage De Risa La Pluche Verte, En Gras Ou Maigre. A Rice Soup Of Both Sorts, Pale Green

Wash half a Pound of Rice, (more or less) several Times in warm Water if for Gras, boil it in Meat Broth, and a little melted Lard; if for Meager, with Broth and Butter; stir it often, that it may not Clog at the Bottom of the Pan, when it is very tender, pour it into the Soup-dish, with a proper Quantity of very good Broth, and a little Gravy to colour it; melt a good Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, add a small Quantity of scalded Parsley chopped fine, three or four Spoonfuls of Broth, two Yolks of Eggs to make a Liaison, without boiling, and pour this into the Dish upon the Rice.

Potage De Chapon An Ris. A Capon Or Fowl Rice Soup

Truss the Capon or Pullard as for boiling, viz.-Legs inside, and leave the Pinions untrussed; boil it in a small Soup-pot with about half a Pound of Rice; boil slowly till the Rice is quite tender, without skim-ming the Fat off; add Gravy sufficient to colour and strengthen it, and a little Salt; or serve without Gravy, the Fowl in the middle. A Fowl is also served, being boiled with a sew Slices of Beef, Veal, Mutton, and Roots, and the Broth sifted; simmer the Bread with some of this Broth, with or without Herbs; serve the Fowl in a Soup-dish.

Potage A La Conti, En Gras Ou Maigre. Soup Conty, Meat Or Fish

Slice large Onions, according to the Quantity required, and simmer them in Butter till they are thoroughly done; simmer also some fried Bread in very good Broth of either Sort; when ready to serve, mix a Pluche Verte, means Shagg-green.

Couple of pounded Anchovies with the Onions, and pour the Bread and Broth into the Dish, and the Onions upon it. You may also sift the Onions as a Cullis, either for Soup or other Uses.