Potage De Biberot Au Fromage, Gras Ou Maigre - Cheese Soup Of Both Sorts

Take about half a Pound of Bread Crums, sifted in a Cullender, and about a quarter of a Pound of Gruiere Cheese commonly called Swiss Cheese, or Par-mesan; simmer this together in a Stew-pan with some good Broth, (either Meagre or Gras) until the Bread and Cheese are well stewed; make a Liaison in another Pan with three or four Yolks of Eggs, and as many Spoonfuls of Broth: when ready to serve, mix this last with the first without boiling. This coup must not be very clear nor thick; it should be made with Broth without Salt, as the Cheese may salt it sufficiently. Judgment must always guide you for seasoning.

Potages GlacÚs De Toutes Sortes De Viandes. Glazed Soups Of All Sorts Of Meat

Use what Sorts of Meat you please, as Fowl, Chickens, Pigeons, Ducks, Lamb, small Fillet of Veal, Neck of Mutton, Turkey-pinions, or others; each Kind is dressed after the same Manner: whichever you use, lard it, and scald it a moment in boiling Water; then stew it in good Broth, and a Faggot of sweet Herbs; and simmer the Bread in very good Broth, as usual for other Soups. When the Meat is thoroughly done, serve it in the Dish or Tureen; put a Spoonful of Broth in the Stew-pan to gather the Glaze of the Fricandeau with which you glaze, the larded Side being uppermost; garnish the Dish round with Herbs or Roots, as most convenient, and sift some of the Glaze to mix with the Broth to colour it.

Potage De Vermicel, En Gras & En Maigre - Vermicelli Soup, With Meat Or Fish

For a middling Dish, take about a quarter of a Pound of Vermicelli, which scalda Moment in boiling Water; then drain it, and boil in good Broth, with a little Gravy, and a Bit of Bacon; when boiled tender take out the Bacon, season it with Salt, and skim the Fat off very clean. It must be served of a middling Thickness. If you would make it with Craw-fish Cul-lis, or any other, you'll only mix it a Moment before you serve.

If it is for Meagre, scald the Rice as above, and boil it with Fish Broth and Butter, adding a Liaison of Yolks of Eggs made with the same Broth and Gravy.

Soupe Bourgeoise. A Family Soup

Boil about three Pounds of Beef in three Pints of Water, and skim it very well; then add three or four Carrots, two Parsneps, a sew Onions, according to their Bigness, stuck with two Heads of Cloves; add a sew Leeks, a Lettuce, Celery, and Sorrel; boil all together, and add a small Knuckle of Veal, first scalded; boil it for about two Hours. Serve your Broth, and the Knuckle in it; and garnish the Dish with some of the Vegetables.

Potage Out Marons - Chesnut Soop

Peel off the first Husk of the Chesnuts, then roast them sufficiently to peel off the second, and boil them in Broth and Gravy; when they are done take out the few that remain whole, and mash the others into your Broth, fit to sift through a Stamine. Serve without boiling, and garnish the Dish with the whole ones.