Pieds De Mouton A L' Aspic - Sheep's Trotters In Aspic

Aspic means a sharp Sauce or Jelly, wherein is commonly used Elder or Taragon Vinegar, with chopped Parsley, or Taragon Leaves, Oil, Pepper and Salt, Mustard, and Lemon. Any sorts of cold Meat, Poultry, or Game, may be served in Aspic, either hot or cold.

Pieds De Mouton A La Ravigotte - Sheep's Trotters A La Ravigotte

They are served with the Sauce so called.

I shall pass over any further directions upon the different ways of dressing Trotters, and Ears also, as very needless. Kidnies may be dressed as Beef's, allowing for tenderness. Cheeps Rumps are also dressed in all the different ways of Calves Tails, either with Garden Greens or Sauces, Rice or Roots; in Tureen, with Pinions of Poultry, or other Meat, as in Hotchpot.

Carré De Mouton Au Réverend

Neck of Mutton, the Clergyman's Dish Lard the Fillet of a Neck of Mutton through and through with Ham and a few Anchovies, first rolled in chopped Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, Pepper and Salt; then braze them slowly in Broth, with a few slices of Lard, and a glass of white Wine; when done, skim and sift the Sauce, and add a little Cullis to give it a proper body, and a Lemon Squeeze.

Carré - Carré De Mouton En Fricandeau - Neck Of Mutton Fricandeau

It is done in the same manner as the Neck of Veal, being larded, brazed, and glazed; and served with Greens or Sauce.

As I have translated an ample Collection of Receipts for dressinga Neck of Veal, I shall avoid repetition with regard to Necks of Mutton, as they may be done the same way in every respect, allowing for the difference of meat. The names in the original are as follow:

Carré de Mouton Sans Façons, Neck of Mutton, dressed plain.

Carré De Mouton En Crépine, Neck Of Mutton In Cowl - Carré De Mouton A L'echalottes, Neck Of Mutton, With Sweet Herbs - Carré De Mouton Au Jambon, Neck Of Mutton With Ham

This is brazed, and the few slices of Ham which are used in the Braze, are cut into dice, mixed with the Sauce, being well skimmed and sifted, and served with the Neck. Note that your Braze is appro-priated in the seasoning for Sauce.

Carré De Mouton A La Mode, Neck Of Mutton As Beef A` La Mode

Carré de Mouton a la Jardiniere, oua la Capucine. So called from the Greens, or the Simplicity of dressing.

This is fried Mutton Chops, eaten with Garden Greens.

Cotelettes de Mouton Sans Malice. Mutton Stakes without Art, a plain Way.

Aricot De Mouton Out Racines, Harricot Of Mutton With Roots

This is the Harricot of Mutton known to every body; it is served with Greens and Roots.

Cotelettes De Mouton De Plusieurs Façons

Mutton Stakes, different Ways; See Veal Cutlets.

Cotelettes De Mouton Au Fenouil - Mutton Stakes With Fennel

These are done slowly in Broth, with Pepper and Salt, a,nd all sorts of sweet Herbs, adding Fennel thereto.