Grenadins De Canard A La Royale - Small Fricandeau Of Duck

It is boned, cut in pieces, each piece filled with a raw Silicon Farce, and larded and brazed with Sweet-breads, and-Artichoke-bottoms; it is then finished as all other Fricandeaux, with a glaze upon it. - You may serve Ducks or Ducklings brazed, with any sorts of Sauce or Ragout, stewed Roots or Greens, Truffles, Morels, Mushrooms, Chesnuts, and all sorts of Cullis, as most convenient.

Filets De. Canard De Plusieurs Fašons - Duck Named, Different Ways

Roast two Ducks till three parts done, and let them cool; then cut the Breast in thin slices, and take care to preserve the Gravy; the Legs will serve for another Dish, which you may dress by wrapping them in Cowl with a good Farce, and serve with Cul-lis Sauce; or done in a Sainte Meneboult: For the Fillets, cut Cucumbers, and marinate them about an hour with a little Vinegar, Salt, and one Onion sliced; then take out the Onion, squeeze the Cucumbers in a Cloth, and put them into a Stew-pan with a bit of Butter, a slice of Ham, a little Broth, Flour, and Veal Gravy; boil slowly, skim it well, take out the Ham, and then add the Meat thereto, to warm without boiling. - You may also do the same with chopped Truffles, or Mushrooms, or any thing else you think proper, according to season. - A cold roasted Duck will answer much the same end for this Dish.

Oyes & Oisons De Plusieurs Fašons - Geese And Goslings Of Different Manners

Truss a green Goose, the Legs inside; scald it, and boil it in Broth, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, Pepper and Salt, one or two sliced Onions, bits of Carrots, and Celery: Serve it with Green Peas, or Chesnut Cullis, or Peas Porridge, or Sauce Ravigotte, Sauce a l'Echalotte, or any other: Or you may roast it plain. - Goslings may be dressed the same way, or with a Forced-meat made of the Livers, Chesnuts, Sau-sage-meat, Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, Pepper and Salt; simmer all together about a quarter of an hour with Butter; then stuff the Goose with it, and roast it crisp.

Cuisses & Ailes D'oyes, Comment Les Conserver - How To Preserve Legs And Wings Of Geese

Roast as many Geese as you think proper, till three parts done; then let them cool, cut off the Wings and Legs as large as possible, six them close in an earthen Pan, with Laurel-leaves between each piece, a few Cloves, and Salt at Discretion; sift the Fat of their roasting, and mix it with melted Hog's Lard sufficient to cover the Meat, pour it on hot, and let it cool thoroughly; then cover the Pan with Leather or strong Paper, and keep it in a dry place. When you want to use them, put them in hot Water to melt the Fat, and broil or braze them a little: Or you may dress them any other way you please.

Oye A La Daube - Dobed Goose

It is done in the same manner as a Turkey; an old one is equally proper for this, and for nothing else. Legs and Wings are also dressed to any Sauce or Ragout, either brazed or broiled in Cowl, with ForcedS 3 meat, or larded as Fricandeaux, with all sorts of Cul-lis or Greens: The Feet are also done in Jelly like the Stumps of Turkies, being first brazed, and afterwards fried or broiled.

Oye a la Carmagnole, Goose in M. Camagnole's Manner, (the Inventor.)

Truss a Goose as for roasting, stuff it with its Liver chopped, a good piece of Butter, Pepper, Salt, a few Shallots, Basil Leaves, and a good spoonful of Mustard; roast it without being wrapped in Paper; and when near done, baste it with melted Butter, mixed with Mustard and two raw Yolks of Eggs, and strew Bread Crumbs over it while basting, suffi-ciently to form a fine brown Crust: Serve with a Con-sommee Sauce mixed with two spoonfuls of Cullis, a little Mustard, Pepper and Salt; warm without boiling, and squeeze in a Seville Orange, or Lemon in proportion.