Quartier De Veau, Au Chevreuil - Leg Of Veal Venison Fashion

This is done either larded or not; prepare a Marinate with Vinegar and Broth, Pepper and Salt, Coriander, Cloves, Garlick, Shallots, Chibol, Parsley, Onions, sliced Carrots, Thyme, Bay Leaves and Bazil: Let it soak in this at least twelve hours, then roast it, wrapped in paper: serve with a sharp, relishing Sauce.

Quartier, Ou Cuisseau De Veau Au Caramel - Quarter, Or Leg Of Veal Glazed

Lard all the lean part of a Leg of Veal, the Lar-dons being seasoned with Pepper and Salt, a little grated Nutmeg, chopped Parsley, Chibol, Mushrooms, and one clove of Garlick; put it into a Brazing-pan much of its own bigness, with slices of Lard, sliced Onions, Parsneps, Carrots, a faggot of Parsley, and other brazing Herbs and Spices, one bottle of white Wine, and about a quart of Broth; braze slowly till it is quite done; reduce some of the Braze (being sifted) to a strong glaze, to rub the upper side with, and serve a good relishing Sauce under.

A Leg of Veal being brazed without Wine, as all other Brazes, may be served with any Sauce; and in that case it is called by the name of the Sauce used, as au Consommé, out Epinards, a I'Aspic, etc. or with any sort of Ragout, which gives it the name equally as the Sauces.

Epaule De Veau. Shoulder Of Veal

It may be dressed in every respect and fashion as the Leg; I shall only give the different names to avoid repetition, which area la Poivrade, a l'Allemande, au Naturel, etc. etc.

Grenadins De Veau, Out Anchois - Small Fricandeaux, Anchovy Sauce

Grenadins differ only in size from what are commonly called Fricandeaux, being cut smaller, larded and brazed white or brown; serve them with a glass of white Wine and Cullis, mixed with their own Sauce, add one or two pounded Anchovies, and sift it properly. Or they may be served with Greens.

They are called Au Naturel, when served with their own Sauce; and take the name of whatever vegetable they are served with, as aux Epinards, etc, Rissolettes de Veau.

Veal Collops Broiled

Cut thin slices of Fillet of Veal, and put them se-parately into a Dish or Stew-pan,.in Oil, or Butter melted to Oil, Pepper and Salt, chopped Parsley, Chi-bol, Mushrooms, and a little sweet Bazil; let them soak in this about an hour, or more, then strew them in Bread Crumbs, and broil slowly, basting often with the remainder of the Marinate; when done of a fine brown colour, serve them dry with a Lemon squeeze over them, or with a little Cullis Sauce.

Paupielles Paupiettes De Veau - Veal Olives

Make a good Forced-meat of Poultry, or any other Meat; cut thin slices of Fillet of Veal, and roll the Forced-meat in it, to what bigness you think proper; tie them well, and braze them slowly with a glass of white Wine and Cullis, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, and a few Shallots; when done, skim and sift the Sauce to serve upon them.

If you would have them roasted, lard the Veal slices, or cover them with thin slices of Lard.

You may also broil them, bathing them with Eggs and Bread Crumbs, and serve what Sauce you think, proper.

You may make Olives of what sorts of Meat you please, after the same manner, for variety's sake; and serve with different Sauces: when roasted like Haslets, the French name is (en Hatereaux) viz. on small Skewers.