Carré De Veau A La Servante.* Neck Of Veal Stewed

Lard it with large Pieces, rolled in Pepper and Salt, Shallots, and fine Spices, braze it with slices of Lard, sliced Roots and Onions, a Laurel Leaf, and a few Drops of Brandy; skim and sift the Sauce, and serve upon the meat.

* All dishes under this denomination are meant as common dressing; La Servante, signifies the Maid; who is supposed not to be a professed Cook; the same is to be understood of those Dishes called au Court-Bouillon, or Gros Sel, meaning plain dishes.

Carré De Veau A La Poivrade. Neck Of Veal And Sharp Sauce

Make a Marinate with Butter and Flour, which you put on a sand fire with sliced Onions and Roots, a little Coriander Seed, one clove of Garlick, two of Spices, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, Pepper and Salt; put into it a larded Neck of Veal, and leave it therein about two hours; then roast it, and serve with a Sauce Poivrade, as you will find in Sauce Articles.

Carré De Veau Au Monarque - Neck Of Veal Monarch Fashion

Cut the fillet of a Neck of Veal, and with it make a good Forced-meat with Cows Udder, Lard or Suet, Bread Crumbs soaked in Milk or Cream, Pepper and Salt, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, and four yolks of Eggs: Boil the remainder of the Neck in the common Pot half an hour; then take it out and fill the part from whence you cut the meat, with the Forced-meat; upon this place slices of fat Liver, and Truffles; cover it over with Forced-meat, bathe it with yolks of Eggs, Bread Crumbs, and a little Butter; put it awhile in the oven, and serve with it a Spanish Sauce, or any other you please.

Carré De Veau En Crépine, Neck Of Veal In Cowl

It is done the same as the Cutlets, with this difference only, that it must be done whole.

Carré De Veau En Surprise - Neck Of Veal Stuffed

It is brazed and done the same as the breast; the meat cut out and stuffed with Forced-meat, finished in the oven, and served with a clear Sauce.

Cuisseau De Veau Out Epinards. Leg Or Knuckle Of Veal And Spinage

Lard a Leg of Veal with large Lardons, then let it soak about twelve hours in a Marinate made after this Manner: A bit of Butter and Flour, about a quart of Milk, two Lemons sliced and peeled, six Spice Cloves, six Shallot Cloves, three Laurel Leaves, Thyme, Parsley, two cloves of Garlick, six Onions, Pepper and Salt; warm the Marinate and put it into a Pot, much of the bigness of the Veal; wipe the Veal dry before spiting, wrap it in slices of Lard, and two or three sheets of paper; roast it, and serve with a Sauce Poivrade, or a Cream Sauce, make with a bit of Butter and Flour, a chopped Anchovy, two green Shallots, brazed and chopped Parsley, grated Nutmeg, Pepper and Salt; and as much Cream as necessary.

Cuisseau De Veau A La Doube - Leg Of Veal Dobed, Or A La Mode

Use either a whole Leg, or the half of one, lard it thro' and thro' with large Lardons, rolled in Salt and Spices, as in a la mode Beef; put it in a Pan much of its own bigness, upon slices of Lard and Veal, sea-soned the same as the Lardons, a good large faggot of Parsley, Chibol, two cloves of Garlick, four of Spices, and one Bay Leaf; cover, it over with slices of Lard, and let it simmer on a slow fire about an hour; add a pint of white Wine, and continue stewing till it is thoroughly done; then take it out of the braze, let it cool, skim and sift the liquid, and put it on the fire, with two whole Eggs, (the shells being pounded, or just bruised) and a few slices of peeled Lemon; clarify it, sift it through a napkin, and pour it over the Veal, which you may serve whole, or cut in slices, and the jelly cut in dice to garnish the Dish.