TheIR utility in Cookery is well known. Onions are in full use. Garlick is much discouraged, either by its too predominant flavour, or the imprudence and carelessness of the workman, as has already been observed. Shallots are well known, and much used. Chibol, or Chive, may be called a diminutive of Shallots, whether green or dried, the flavour being much less. And Rocambole is much the same as Chibol: It is mostly used green, either in Sallad, or made Dishes, the green tops being cut as Parsley or garden-cresses, which spring out again; and its affinity to the two last-mentioned has been my only rea-son for not taking notice of it in every Receipt where it is directed as part of the composition: I am uncer-tain whether this may be the reason why it is not more cultivated in England. Parsley, for its great and general use, is known to the meanest capacity; it ought to be used fresh gathered, as it is apt to foment in keeping: The Root is as useful in Broth, as the Green, is in the Sauces.

Oignons A L'ltalienne, Onions, Italian Fashion

Take some good large Onions when properly pic-ked, scoop out the inside as much as possible, fill them with a good raw Farce, and braze them with a few slices of Lard and Ham, a little Broth, Pepper and Salt; when done, drain them very well: Serve Italian Sauce upon them. - Onions are also used as Sallad, being either brazed, or baked in the Oven; the small ones are mostly brazed, the large baked, and then dressed like any other Sallad, with red Beetroots: The common English Onions are rather too strong for this use, therefore the Spanish or Dutch are better.

Oignons Aux Oeufs De Carpes, Onions Stewed With Carp-roes

Make a Rissollet with Butter and Flour; when of a fine brown, add some Onion Gravy, and put large scalded Onions therein, with some Mushrooms, a faggot of Parsley, Chibol, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, and a few Cloves; when they are almost done, put in the Carp-roes, and braze a little while longer; then take out the Faggot; reduce the Sauce considerably, and when ready to serve, add some chopped Capers, and one or two Anchovies; garnish the Dish with fried Bread.