The Spring is the first and most promising Season of the Year, although the most confined in its Productions, in regard to Poultry, Fruits, and Gardenings; it comprehends, March, April, and May. The London Markets are constantly well supplied with Butcher's Meat through the whole Year. I shall take no further Notice of these Articles, than that London has the Advantage of Paris, in the Articles of Veal and Lamb, which are to be had in London all the Year; an Advantage to Entertainments, which the French have not. To render this in the easiest Manner I am able, I shall take particular Notice of Monthly Productions of each Kind, under their different Sorts, and give the Preference to Fish, in the Course of the four Seasons. March produces Salmon, Cod, Haddocks, Whitings, Smelts, Carps, Craw-fish, potted Lampreys, pickled Sturgeon, Salt-fish, Oysters, John-dorey, by chance, fresh Sturgeon, and Turbots, the same with Plaice, Flounders, Herrings, Mussels, and Cockles at Times. April continues much the same, with the Addition of Soals, Scate, Turbots; the latter End, Mackarels, Trouts, fresh Sturgeon, pretty common, Thames Salmon (commonly called Crimp-Salmon.) May, Thames Salmon, plenty, Turbots, and Uxbridge Trouts, Scate, Maids, Soals, red and grey Mullets, Mackarels, Flounders, Smelts, from the Beginning of the Month; Eels, Lobsters, Prawns, Craw-fish, and fresh Sturgeon, at Times. Poultry: The Beginning of this Season produces Ducklings, Turkey Polts, green Geese, wild and tame Pigeons, and Squab ditto, Quails, wild Rabbits, Guinea Fowls, Pea Fowls, Capons, Pullets with Eggs, Pullards, Spring-Fowls, Chickens, Bustards, Cock's-combs, fat Livers, Eggs, and Stones, Turkey Pinions, Leverets, Plover's Eggs. N. B. That this Month also produces wild Ducks, Easterlings, Widgeons, Teals, Dunbirds, but all going out of Season. In Fruits and Garden Stuff: Fruits remaining the Beginning of this Season, are Golden Pippin, Nonpareil Apples, Pearmain ditto, Chesnuts, Medlers, dried Apples, St. Germain Pears, and Winter Chaumontelle Royal, Lemons and Oranges, Stone Pippins: For Kitchen Use, Savoys, Sprouts, white and red Cabbages, Carrots, Parsneps, Potatoes, small Lettuces, white Endives, Cellery, large and small Onions, Cardoons, Asparagus, almost all the Year between natural and forced; all Sorts of sweet Herbs, either green or dried, Sage, Horse-raddish all the Year, Bed-Mushrooms much the same, Water-creffes, Beet-roots, small Sallading, Spanish Onions, Sorrel, Charvil, Leeks, Spinach, Jerusalem Artichokes, Parsley and Parsley-Roots all the Year, except the Winter is very severe; many forced Articles of Gardening are produced in this Season, as Cucumbers, Peas, Beans, and sweet Herbs of most Sorts. 1 shall take no. further Notice of these Things, as the Purchase of them is very high, and the Things are of small Value in regard to their Goodness. Pomegranate to be had in this Season. April, Much the same Production on Hot-beds as the last; Golden Pippins, Nonpareils continue good; also Winter Bon-chretien, and Colmar Pear, China and Seville Oranges, the Kentish-stone Pippins, and Non-such Apples for Kitchen Use, and much the same Sorts of Garden-Stuff, with white and purple Brocoli, Asparagus, and young Raddishes, green Plants, small Sallading; all Sorts of green, sweet, and cooling Herbs. Max, most of the Winter Greens scarce; but produces fresh Provisions, both for Deserts and Cookery; as first, towards the End, early Duke Cherries, Scarlet and Wood Strawberries; and for Kitchen Use, green Peas, Kidney-beans, young Plants, Cauliflowers, Cel-lery, Carrots, both young and old, the last mostly called Sand-Carrots, Spinach, Lettuces, natural Asparagus, green Goosberries, Apricots for Tarts, young Artichokes, and many other Articles, according as the Season is favourable.