Eatable or Sugar Paste, TO make the first: (see Almond Paste, page 533.) Roll it about the thickness of a half crown, and cut it to what size you think proper, either to bake singly on Paper, or in Moulds of any shape.

Massepins En Laqs D'Amour - Sweet Paste In Lover's Knots

Roll the Paste pretty thin, cut it lengthways with a Paste-cutter like a ribband, and twist it like a lover's knot; join it with Yolks of Eggs beat up where it ought to join, and baste it over with Whites of Eggs and Sugar beat together: You may also beautify it with any colours, either Liquid or Nonpareils.

A la Dauphine. Cut it much as the former, and twist it in rings or what designs you think proper; dip it in Cherry Marmalade beat up with Whites of Eggs, and strew Sugar-powder over each Parcel upon the Paper; stick a preserved Cherry in each, or any other Fruit, and bake in a moderate heat.

Au Verjus. Work the Paste into the form of small cups or baskets; when dried, put in one or two Verjuice Grapes preserved in Syrup: Do the same with any other liquid Sweet-meats.

Massepins A La Reine

Cut bits of this Paste the big-ness of shillings, or larger, and a small hollow in the middle, to contain a little Marmalade of any kind; cover it over with the same, wetting the borders with Yolks of Eggs to make them stick together; bake as usual, and when done, glaze with a white Glaze. See Glace Royal, in Paste Articles.

A La Saint Cloud

Roll the Paste about half an inch thick, and cut it into the form of buttons; put them upon white Paper under a Brazing-pan, covered over with a little Fire; when done on one side, dip the undermost side in Marmalade beat up with Whites Eggs, and strew Sugar-powder over, (this side must be uppermost) and finish baking in the same manner.

Au Chocolat

Make a Paste as directed for Chocolate Paste, page 537; add some pounded Chocolate beat up with Whites of Eggs; work it together, and form it into what flowers or shapes you please.

Au Pistache. They are done after the same manner, with Pistachio-nuts pounded, and mixed as the last, Au Canelle: With Cinnamon. Cinnamon-powder beat up with Orange-slower Water, and mixed with the Almond Paste, A la Fleur d'Orange. With dried preserved Orange-flowers pounded.

Massepins Vole Au Vent

Meaning very light to fly in the Air. Pound an equal weight of Sugar, prepared a la grande Plume, (ninth Degree) and sweet Almonds; put the Almonds to it over a slow Fire, and work them with the Sugar until it quits the Pan by dryness; when cold, pound it with a little rasped Lemon-peel, raw Sugar, and a few Whites of Eggs; dress it upon Paper of what form and bigness you please, and bake in a very moderate heat.

Massepins De Cerises, Of Cherries

Bruise half a pound of fine ripe Cherries, sift them in a Sieve, and put the Marmalade to a pound of sweet Almonds pounded, and a pound of Sugar; work them on the Fire till quite dry; let the mass cool, and pound it in a mortar with three or four Whites of Eggs, and a little raw Sugar; finish as the last.

De Framboises: Of Rasberries

They are done the same, except that the Rasberries are put to the Sugar and Almonds without sifting.

De Fraises: Of Strawberries

The same as the last; glaze some with a little of their own Marmalade for Variety.