Noeuds D'Ep'ees. Sword - Knots

Make a second-best Paste, viz. Demi-feuilletage, and roll it very thin; cut it into thongs like ribbons, some with a knife, and some with a dented Paste-cutter, to make the scollop; fold them like a sword-knot, baste the Paste with Eggs, where it should join together, bake them on a Baking-plate, and when ready to serve, garnish with Currant Jelly, Apricot Marmalade, frothed Cream, or any thing else.

Massepains de Fleurs, Sugar or Almond Paste, cut in flowers. Put Almond Paste in flowers, or in any form, according to taste and invention; bake them a moment in a slow Oven. This Paste will keep good from one week to another, if put in a warm or very dry place: When you want to use it, place different sorts of Jelly or Marmalade upon it.

Paniers De Vendangc

Small Baskets; they are called de Vendange, after the Baskets used to gather the Grapes. Vendanger, fignifying to gather in the Vintage.

Make Baskets upon proper moulds, prepared as directed for Croquantes; it is recommended to be done with Almond Paste, as being the most delicate; but may be made with all sorts of firm Paste, for the Almond Paste is extremely short, and consequently apt to break; cut the Parte into long narrow tape, and make it either flat or twisted: After the Baskets are done, join the handles with Sugar Caramel; give them what colour you please with a pencil, and the different Colours used in Cookery, and place what Fruits or Sweet-meats you please in them.

Petites Rossettes - Small Knots

TheSE are done after the same manner as the Sword-knots, only that they are smaller, as a Tartlet is to a Tart; and are garnished with different sorts of Jelly or Marmalade, etc. etc.

Petites Corbeilles de Massepains a la Glace, Small Buckets of Sugar Parte, with Ice Cream.

Make small Buckets of this Parte in small Moulds, like Petit Patties; and make Baskets of common Parte, large enough to put the Buckets therein; join the ears and handles with Caramel Sugar after they are baked; make Covers for the Buckets of the same Paste; fill them with iced Cream of any sorts, cover them, and serve them in the Baskets. You may form this Parte to what shape you please, and colour it according to what you propose to represent; one's own imagination in this is the best rule; it may be made in the form of Fruits, Snuff-boxes, or any thing else; and may be served for Second-course Dishes in its natural colour, or for a Desert, if painted. These small Dishes, although of no consequence of them-selves, shew the ingenuity, and delight the workman takes in his business, as those things require a good deal of time and care.