Des Amandes Vertes - Of Green Almonds

Take green Almonds preserved in Brandy; being drained, dip them one after another in Sugar prepared au Caffe, (twelfth degree) and roll them in white Nonpareils, or of any other colour, or several colours mixed together; and dry them in the Stove, or in a soft Oven. They are also done after this manner; cut them in two or four pieces, put them on a Baking-plate rubbed over with Oil, and pour some hot Sugar caramelled over; turn them to do the same over again, and keep them in a very dry place.

Des Marons - Of Chesnuts, Etc

Roast them slowly, not to colour them too much, husk them very clean, and follow the former method, either with white Glaze or brown, which is the Caramel, either whole or cut to what shape you please.

Oranges Douces; Sweet Oranges

Being cut into quarters, dip them in white Glaze or Caramel; stick a bit of Skewer to each Bit of Orange, and thrust: the other end of the stick into a hurdle to keep the Fruits from touching any thing. - Lemons or Seville Oranges may be done the same; observe that either must be peeled. - Pears, Apples, Plumbs, Hops, or any kind of Fruits, flowers, or Leaves, are also done after this manner.

Des Diabletons - From Diable, Small Or Young Devils

This is done with Chocolate pounded, made malleable with some good Oil, and formed into a hard Paste; roll bits of it in the hand in the form of Nuts, Olives, Pistachio, or any others, either round or flat; stick bits of sugared Cinnamon here and there, and strew them with Nonpareils of different colours; you may also put a Kernel in each of the different kinds of Fruits proposed to imitate; dry these in the same manner as all sugared Fruits.

Des Cerises En Surtout - Coated Cherries

Use such as are preserved liquid; of four or six Cherries, let there be one with a Tail; drain and split them properly to stone them and apply upon the one with the Tail; round them properly in the form of a good large Cherry, roll them in fine Sugar-powder, and dry in the Stove as usual.