Glace De Citron, Et De Grenade - Lemon, And Pomegranate Ice

Infuse the Rind of four or five Lemons peeled very thin, with the Juice, three half-pints of Water, and three quarters of a pound of Sugar; sift through a Napkin. - Bruise the Seeds of three or four Pomegranates, and infuse with hot Water as the Lemon-rinds, and finish the same.

Glace De Bigarades, & D'oranges Douces - Of China And Seville Oranges

They are made in the same manner as that of Lemon; only observing, that the Seville Oranges require a little more Sugar than the China ones, either with the Juice or Marmalade.

Glace De Canelle, Cinnamon Ice

Infuse a proper quantity of Cinnamen about an hour in hot Water, and boil it a moment; add half a pound of fine Sugar to a pint of Water; sift it through a Sieve, and finish as others.

Glace De Roses & Jonquilles - Of Roses And Jonquils

They are both done after the same manner as that of Violets, and so of any other Herbs or flowers, which you think proper to make the Ices of, either with Water or Cream.

Glace De Pavis, De PÍches, & D'abricots - Ices Of Nectarines, Peaches, And Apricots

Use the Marmalade or Jelly as directed; or in the season, cut seven or eight of either when quite ripe; bruise them, and sift with a pint of Water, (the Nectarines must be boiled in the Water to fit them for sifting put a sufficient quantity of Sugar to the sifted Juice: The Peaches and Apricots need not be boiled if they are thoroughly ripe, but only stoned and bruised.

Glace De Coriandre, D'anis, & De Genievre - Ices Of Coriander-feed, Aniseed, And Juniper-berries

Bruise an ounce of Coriander-feed, infuse them about an hour in a pint of warm Water, with half a pound of Sugar, and sift through a Napkin: Ani-seeds are done the same, and taste must direct, when the Water has got a sufficients flavour of the different infusions: That of Juniper-berries is done also by in-fusion, or by boiling a moment about a handful of the Berries, with a pint of Water, half a pound of Sugar, and a bit of Cinnamon; sift as usual, either through a fine Sieve, or a thin Napkin or Cloth.

Des Fruits Glaces - Of Iced Fruits

For this purpose you must have moulds made in the form of the different Fruits proposed; accordingly, make Marmalades of the several sorts of Fruit, as directed page 577, and ice them in the same manner as the former Ices; when iced, work them with the Spoon till the Ice is in Marmalade, to put in the Fruit-should; shut them close, and wrap them in Paper to ice them again as before; the Pail or Bucket in which the Fruit are to be iced, should be bored, that the Water may run off as the Ice melts: When ready to serve, have the proper colour of the Fruit ready, which you colour with a Pencil to imitate nature; the best method is to have a natural one, or one properly painted for a pattern. See the different colour used in Confectionary, as directed, page 539.