Conserve Blanche De Citron - White Lemon Conserve

This is a different preparation, and is made as fol-lows: Boil a pound of the finest Sugar to the eighth Degree; take it off the Fire, and squeeze the Juice of a Lemon therein at different times, during continually; it will make the Sugar as white as Milk, if properly done; take care not to drop any of the Lemon Seeds in it; work it well together, and pour it into the moulds when it is mixed of an equal sub-stance, which you will prove by pouring out some with a Spoon, as any other Jelly.

Conserve De Muscats - Conserve Of Muscadine Grapes

Grain a pound of ripe Muscadine Grapes, boil them a moment, and sift through a Sieve; reduce the Juice on the Fire to a quarter-part of what was sifted, put it to a pound of Sugar prepared au Casse, (twelfth Degree) and let it cool a little; then work it well together until it begins to grow white, and finish it in the moulds.

Conserve - Conserve De Grenades. Conserve Of Pomegranates

Take a good large ripe Pomegranate of a fine colour, feed it, and squeeze it in a Linen Cloth to extract the Juice, which boil, and reduce to half; put it to a pound of Sugar refined to the ninth Degree, and when it is half cold, work it well together, and dress it in the moulds as usual.

Conserve De Guimauves. Conserve Of Marsh-mallows

The Roots must be fresh gathered; scrape about half a pound of them, cut them into pieces, and boil them in Water until they crumble between the fingers; sift the Marmalade in a Sieve as usual, soak it pretty dry upon the Fire, and mix with it half a pound of Sugar prepared au Casse; (twelfth Degree) work it well together till it begins to whiten, and shows small shiny sparks.

Conserve De Verjus: Of Verjuice Grapes

It is prepared after the same manner as the Muscadine Grapes, only that a little more Sugar is added to the same proportion of Juices. - Any other Grapes will do as well as Verjuice.

Conserve D'abricots. Conserve Of Apricots

Peel ripe Apricots, slice them, and boil to a Mar-malade, with a drop of Water; reduce it pretty thick on the fire, mix a quarter of a pound of the Marmalade to a pound of Sugar a la grande Plume, and Work it well together when it begins to cool.

Conserves De Pèches & De Pavies; Peaches And Nectarines

They are done after the same manner as the Apricots.

Conserve De Cerises - Conserve Of Cherries

Stone them, and boil them a moment; sift them, and reduce the Juice on a flow Fire till it comes to a pretty thick Marmalade; add the proportion of a quarter of a pound to a pound of Sugar prepared as the former.

De Framboises: Of Rasberries

Bruise a pound of Rasberries, with a quarter of a pound of Red Currants; sift them in a Sieve with expression, reduce on the Fire to about one third part, and add the proportion of a pound of Sugar, prepared a la grande Plume; (ninth Degree) mix them well together when cool, and finish as all others Conserve de Groseilles, Of Red Currants. Grain them free of any branches, boil them a moment, and sift them in a Sieve; let the Juice fettle a little, and pour the clear off, which will serve to make Ices or Jelly; sift the remainder again with expression, and reduce it on the Fire to one third part; add a pound of Sugar (au Casse) to every quarter of a pound of this preparation, work them well together till almost cold, and it begins to form into small sparks; put it in paper moulds as usual, and dry it in the Stove.

Of Chocolate

Work an ounce of Chocolate into Powder to half a pound of Sugar, (grande Plume) and half an ounce of Coffee, to half a pound of Sugar of the preparation to both; take the Sugar off the Fire, when it is refined to this Degree, and when half cold, work the Powder with it, and finish in Paper Cases as all other Conserves.