For all sorts of Conserves, prepare the Sugar after the ninth degree, according to the quantity wanted: They are all made much after the same manner; the only difference being in the quantity of Fruits pro-posed. Few, which are not prepared with the Sugar clarified to this Degree, shall be observed. Conserves are made with all sorts of Sweet-meat Marmalade, sifted in a Sieve; and soaked pretty dry over a slow Fire; use about half a pound of the Sugar thus prepared, to a quarter of a pound of Sweet-meat Marmalade; take the Sugar off the Fire to work them well together; warm the mass a moment, and pour it into Paper-cafes made for that purpose: when it is cool, cut it in Cakes of what bigness you please.

Conserve De Fleurs D'orange, Conserve Of Orange-slower Water

Half a pound of clarified Sugar being prepared to the ninth degree, take it off the Fire, and pour a small spoonful of Orange-flower Water therein; mix well together, and pour it in the Paper as the last. -Proportion the Ingredients to any larger or smaller quantities.

Conserve De Safran - Saffron Conserve

The Sugar being prepared as before, have ready a little Saffron-powder, soaked in Water; pour a small quantity to the Sugar, just sufficient to tinge it of a pale Saffron colour.

Conserve Verte:. Green

It is done by mixing some green colour, (as set forth in Confectionary) with the Sugar, being prepared as the last, a la grande Plume, (viz. large Feather, or ninth degree.)

De Canelle: Of Cinnamon

Done in the same manner as the Saffron, the Cinnamon-powder being soaked in warm clarified Sugar.

Conserve De Pistaches: Of Pistachio Nuts

Upon half a pound of Sugar as usual, put an ounce of dried, pounded, and sifted Pistachio Nuts.

Conserve D'avelines: Of Filberts

Upon half a pound of Sugar put an Ounce of Filberts, cut into as small fillets as possible, the Kernels being first scalded, as is done in blanching Almonds, to get the skin off; finish as all others.

Conserve D'amandes Au Jus De Citron - Almond Conserve, With Lemon-juice

For half a pound of Sugar, prepared as usual, pound two ounces of sweet Almonds very fine, squeezing half a Lemon therein by degrees; mix it with the Sugar, as soon as it begins to whiten.

Conserve De Cedre: Of Cedar

Prepare half a pound of Sugar as usual; put about an ounce of rasped Cedar to it, and mix it; when the Sugar is half cold, add a little Lemon Squeeze; mix it well with a Spatula, and pour it in the paper as all others.

Conserve D'oranges Douces, Bigarades, & Citrons, Conserve Of China And Seville Oranges, And Lemons

They are all made after the same manner. Rasp the Rind of half an Orange or Lemon very fine; boil it with half a pound of raw Sugar without skim-ming, till it is boiled to the eighth Degree, (petite Plume) take it off the Fire, and when half cold, stir it a little round the Pan with a Spoon; pour it into moulds when it begins to thicken.