For all the following Flour-cakes, make a Paper-cafe to what bigness you think proper; have always some Whites of Eggs ready beat up with powdered Sugar, to rub the Paper round, and to mix with the Cake; by which you may make it as light as you think proper: It must be pretty thick of Sugar.

Gateau De Fleurs D'orange - Green Orange-slower Cake

TO half a pound of the Bloom well picked, prepare two pounds of Sugar, au grande Plume, (ninth Degree) and put the flowers into it to yield their Juices; (this refreshes the Sugar greatly, and therefore it must be boiled again to the same Degree) take it off the Fire, work it well with a flat wooden Spoon, and put it again on the Fire an instant; as soon as it begins to rise, put in the Whites of Eggs and Sugar beat up together, mix all well directly, and pour the Mass into a Paper-should; hold the bottom of the Pan over at a certain distance, to make it rise by the heat, and bake in a very mild Oven.

De Fleurs D'oranges. Pralinee

Orange-flowers dried and preserved. Take half a pound of these to a pound and a half of Sugar, prepared as the first, and finish after the same manner. - This Cake may be done also with a proportionable quantity of Orange-slower Water.

Gateaux De Violettes & De Jasmins - Violet Or Jessamin Cakes

They are made after the same manner, the only difference being in the quantity of Sugar; one pound and a half of Sugar prepared as the former to half a pound of picked Violet or Jessamin flowers.

Gateaux Grilles

Put a little Powder-sugar into the Pan, without Water; give it a broiled taste; then add a little Water and Sugar, and boil to the former Degree, adding two pounds of Sugar to half a pound of Orange-flowers; finish this as the former.