Compote De Cerises - Compote Of Cherries

Cut the Tails to about half; if they are very ripe, they require only a quarter of a pound of clarified Sugar to each pound of Cherries; if not, they require more: boil the Sugar to a Syrup, put the Cherries to simmer a little while in it, then take it off the Fire, skim it with Paper, and dress them in the Compotier, the Tails upwards. - This is meant for present use: Such as are to be kept, the Syrup ought to be refined more, and still they require to be boiled a moment pretty often: Morellas require more Sugar, and are almost the only Cherries fit for Preserves in England, whether in Sugar or Brandy, or dried either with Sugar or without.

Compote De Groseilles - Compote Of Ripe Goosberries

Prepare the Sugar to the eighth degree, (petite Plume;) put the Goosberries in it to boil a moment, and let them cool before you skim them, if for present use: If for keeping, refine the Sugar still more by boiling. - This is also done with red Currants, which are called by the same name, only distinguishing the colour, viz. red, and may be done without being grained, (that is, in bunches) boiled, and served in the same manner; indeed they require rather more Sugar, and are never used for this purpose until they are ripe.

Compote De Groseilles Vertes - Compote Of Green Goosberries

Give them a little cut on one side to squeeze out the Seeds, and put them into hot Water to scald till they rise to the top; then put some cold Water to them, and a little Salt, to bring them to their natural green; simmer them a while in clarified Sugar, and let them rest in it some time to imbibe the sweet; take them out with a Skimmer, and put them into the Com-potier; reduce the Syrup to a good consistence, and pour it upon the Fruit. - This is for green Goosber-ries; but if you use preserved ones, warm them in their own Syrup and a little Water, and serve hot or cold. - These will not keep long, particularly if they have been warmed again: If exposed to the air any time, they lose their colour; and so do the generality of other Fruits.

Compote - Compote De Framboises* Compote Of Rasberries

Prepare the Sugar a la grande Plume (ninth Degree); take it off the Fire, put the Rasberries to it, and stir the Pan gently to mix them in the Sugar without bruizing; let them imbibe the Sugar about a quarter of an hour, then give them a boiling before using. - This Fruit being of a very strong flavour of itself, it is commonly mixed with red Currants, or some other Fruit.

Compote De Fraises; Strawberries

Is done after the same manner mostly, but the Fruit requires no mixture.