All kinds of dried Sweet-meats are mostly done with liquids, and are all made much after the same manner; after they have been used several times, or lose their colour by any other means, they will always serve to dry. Take green Apricocks or Almonds out of the Syrup of liquid; roll them in Sugar, and dry them upon a Sieve in the Oven. - Strawberries, Ras-berries, etc. are done the same.

Confiture De Cerises Au Sec En Bouquets, Etc. Etc - Dried Preserved Cherries In Nosegays Or Bunches, Etc

Use the liquid ones with the Tails on, tie several together, and dry them in the Oven without being rolled in Sugar; (or only one with the Tail on, and four or six others stoned, and applied upon the first, with the Syrup, so as to appear as one); strew a little Powder-sugar over, and dry as the first. - Liquid Orange-flowers are done by putting the Pot into boiling Water to melt the Syrup clearer; drain the flowers, and powder them with Sugar to dry. - Apricocks, Almonds, Pears, Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, Berga-motte, Lemon, and Citron, and all the aforesaid Liquids preserved, are done after the same manner.

Confiture De Prunes, & Pommes Tapees - Of Plumbs, And Dried Or Baked Apples

TheSE are prepared after another manner, with any kind of Plumbs, provided they quit the Stone like Apricocks. Cut them on one side, to stone them; clarify half a pound of Sugar for each pound of Plumbs, simmer them together a little while on a slow Fire, and let them rest in the Sugar till the next day; boil the Sugar au Perle; simmer the Fruits a few minutes, the Pan being covered, leave them till the next day, and then drain them out to dry as usual.

Les Pommes, Apples

Any good baking Apples will do the same; use the clearest, and those free from spots; prick them pretty deep with a pointed Knife, in several places, and put them in a moderate Oven, upon a Baking-plate; when they are half done, squeeze them pretty flat with the hands, strew them with Pow-der-sugar on both sides, and put them again into a soaking Oven, with some more Sugar over them; keep them in a dry place constantly for use.

Confiture D'abricots Tapes

they are done after the same manner as the Plumbs, only break the Stone, and put the Kernels into the Fruits, before they are ready to be dried.