De Raisins Muscats, Of Muscadine Grapes

These are done as the Verjuice Grapes, either grained or in small Bunches; only that a little less Sugar is used.

Confitures D'oranges, Citrons, Cedras, Bergamottes, & Bigarades

Liquid Sweetmeats of China and Seville Oranges, Citron, Lemon, and Bergamot Pears. TheSE are all made after the same manner. Cut the Rind in designs of what flowers or form you please, and make a small opening at the Tail end; soak them in cold Water a good while, boil in Water till they prove tender by pricking with a large Pin, cool them in cold Water, and take out the Hearts with a small Spoon; boil them in clarified Sugar suf-ficient for the Fruits to swim therein; let them rest in the Sugar about four and twenty hours, then boil again a few minutes; the next day boil the Sugar alone, and pour it upon the Fruits to rest a couple of days; repeat the last over again, boiling the Syrup alone, and Jetting them rest altogether for three days; then boil the Sugar, au grand Perle, and put the Fruits in it to simmer them a few minutes: Observe that you must add a little more Sugar in every boiling; pot them singly, the holes upwards, that the Syrup may run in, and let them be quite covered with it; suffer them to cool before you cover the Pots. - Small green Lemons or Oranges are preserved in the same manner, following the same method as directed for green Apricocks, but they require more boiling to be tender; then follow this last to finish them in the Sugar. They are difficult to be obtained in England.

Confiture De Grosses Noix - Of Walnuts

Take them at the same growth as for pickling, that is, before they are hard shelled; peel and soak them inWater a considerable time, changing theWater often; in a day or two boil them in Water till a Pin will go through easily; then drain them, and pour some hot clarified Sugar upon them sufficient to cover the whole; boil the Sugar again the next day, pour it hot upon them as before, and repeat the same two days longer; the fourth time, prepare the Sugar an grand Perle, (fourth degree) and simmer the Fruits in it a few minutes; put them altogether, or as many as you please, into a Pot, to swim in the Syrup, which must be strong, and boiled over again now and then. - Filberts are prepared after the same manner, being boiled till a Pin can be pricked through, as in the Walnuts, Confiture de Prunes.

Of Plumbs

They must be used before they are quite ripe, and the Tails left on as in all Fruits which are pre-served with the Stones in; prick them with a Pin, and simmer a moment in boiling Water; then drain very-well, and boil them a moment in Sugar prepared a la grande Plume, (ninth degree); skim it well, and let all rest together a couple of days; then boil the Syrup to the fourth degree, (grande Perl'e) adding a little more raw to it; boil the Plumbs in it a few minutes; the proportion is a pound of Sugar to each pound of Fruit. - For Green Gages, follow the same method to keep them green as for green Apricocks and Almonds.