Confiture D'abricots - Liquid Apricock Sweet-meats

They ought to be used when they are almost ripe; peel them, split them sufficiently to take out the stones, and boil them in Water till they feel tender under the pressure of the finger; then take them out to drain; put them into an equal weight of Sugar, grande Plume, (ninth degree) and boil a moment; take them off the Fire, and let them lie in the Sugar till the next day; then take them out, and boil the Sugar two or three minutes; put the Fruits in it again, and boil a moment together the next day, to finish.

Confiture D'abricots D'une Autre Façon - The Same Fruits, In Another Manner

IF they are ripe, do not scald them, but after they are peeled and stoned, boil them a moment in as much weight of Sugar, a la grande Plume, (ninth degree) let them rest in the Sugar about three hours; then boil again slowly, skimming as clean as possible; when they yield no more Scum, take them off the Fire, and let them reft till the next day; then take the Fruits out gently, and boil the Sugar au grand Perk; pour it upon the Apricocks, and let them cool before they are potted.

D'abricots Verts; Of Green Apricocks

Prepare them with Lye as directed for Paste, Page 533, being very well cleaned, prick them in several places, put them on a flow Fire with a little Water, Vinegar, and Salt, and simmer gently till pretty tender, cool the first Water with fome cold, and leave them fome time in it, the Pan covered, which will bring them to their proper green; an hour or two after drain from the first Water into cold, and leave them an hour or two in it; melt fome Sugar with a little Water, and put the Fruits in it till next day; then take them out, and boil the Sugar a few minutes, to put upon the Fruits; continue in this manner for two or three days, putting Sugar sufficient for the Syrup to cover the Fruits; the last time boil them in the Sugar a moment, and let them cool before you cover the Pots or Glasses. - Liquid preserved green Almonds are done in the fame manner as the last for Apricocks.

Confiture De Groseilles

Of Goosberries or Currants. Use them either grained or in Grapes, and put them into Sugar prepared au Casse; stir them in it without boiling, holding the Pan by the handle, and just rolling it about for a few minutes. Goosberries, and red or black Currants, are prepared after the fame manner, and so may Rasberries likewise.

Confiture De Cerises. Of Liquid Cherries

The Proportion of Sugar prepared a la grande Plume, is three quarters of a ponnd to one pound of Cherries, which ought, as all Fruits for this purpose, to be quite ripe,; cut the Tails about half; put them into the Sugar, and simmer about five minutes, the Pan being covered; let the whole rest together till the next day, then add a quarter of a pound of Sugar to each pound of Cherries, prepared as the first, and a little Decoction of red Currants; simmer together till the Syrup is quite rich and glutinous.

Another way is, to strip the Tails, stone them, and boil two or three minutes in Sugar prepared as before; (half a pound of Sugar to one of Cherries,) let it rest till the next day, drain out the Cherries, and boil the Sugar again to the aforesaid degree; put the Fruit to it again to simmer a little while, and let it cool before potting. - The same called Framboises, with Rasberries; the Cherries are prepared as the first, and a quarter of a pound of Rasberries sifted to each pound of Cherries, to give a stronger flavour.