Cotelettes De Mouton A La Cendre - Mutton Stakes Masqueraded, Or Like A Hedge-hog

Braze the Stakes in a well-seasoned Braze; when about half done, put in different sorts of Roots, cut as for Lardons; and when quite done, take all out, and make small holes in the Stakes, to lard them with the Roots, which must show pretty long on either side: Serve with a good Cullis Sauce, and relishing Herbs chopped.

Cotelettes De Mouton A L' Amoureux - Lover's Stakes

Lard the Stakes, and give them a fry in Butter, with Parsley, and a branch of Winter Savory; then put them into a Stew-pan with small bits of Ham, sliced Onions, Carrots and Parsneps, which you first give a fry in Oil or Butter; add a glass of Wine, a. little Cullis, and skim the Sauce: Serve with all the Roots and Ham.

Cotelettes De Mouton En Crépine

Mutton Stakes in Cowl. See Veal.

Cotelettes De Mouton En Crépine D'une Autre Façon - Mutton Stakes, Another Way

This is in the same manner as the Sham Veal Cutlets: See Veal Cutlets en Surprise.

Cotelettes De Mouton En Surtout - Mutton Stakes Masked; In A Frock, Disguised

Cut Stakes in the common way, and simmer them with a little Broth till three parts done with a faggot of sweet Hetbs; reduce the Sauce till no more remains than what will bathe the Stakes; garnish them with Forced-meat round, made of Fillet of Veal, Suet, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt, Bread Crumbs and Cream, pounded all together, and three yolks of Eggs; bathe them with Eggs and Bread Crumbs, and bake them in the oven: Serve with Con-fumee Sauce, or Veal Gravy, or Acid Sauce in a boat.

Cotelettes De Mouton A La Chartreuse - From An Order Of Friars, Called Chartreux

Braze Mutton Stakes with slices of Lard, Ham, Broth, and a faggot of sweet Herbs, half a clove of Garlick, two Cloves, half a Laurel Leaf, a little Thyme, two sliced Carrots and Turnips, Pepper and Salt; when done, cut the Turnips and Carrots into what form you please; then make a sort of Porridge with Spinach, which you scald, and simmera moment in Butter, and then pound and sift, adding the white of an Egg to mix with it: take a dish the bigness of that you intend to send to Table, and garnish the bot1 torn with the same ilices of Lard; six the Stakes, intermixed with the Roots and Spinach Porridge, and so keep it warm; when ready, turn it over gently upon the dish, take off the Bacon, and serve with a good Consum'ee Sauce.

Cotelettes De Mouton Frites - Mutton Stakes Fried

Boil Mutton Stakes in Broth, with a faggot of sweet Herbs; when done sift the Broth, and reduce it to a glaze, with which you bathe the Stakes on both sides when cold; then bathe them with yolks of Eggs and Bread Crumbs; fry them a moment sharply to give them a good colour, and serve with fried Parsley.-If you would have them with a Farce (Forced-meat) make it the same as the former, and garnish the Stakes with it before frying.