Cascalopes De Mouton Au Vin De Champagne. Mutton Collops And White Wine

These are cut the same as all Collops; brazed with a few slices of Veal, Ham, and seasoning; adding a glass of white Wine to the Sauce.


Mutton Olives are also made after the same manner as Veal, brazed or roasted upon skewers, and then they are called, en Hatereaux.

Rouelles De Mouton Out Onions - Mutton Stakes With Onions

Cut a Leg of Mutton in large stakes, pretty thick; slice several Onions, and garnish the Stew-pan with slices of Lard, upon this the Onions, then the Meat, with Pepper and Salt; and continue in the same manner till you have done; cover the pan very close, and let it stew slowly, as you would a la Mode Beef: When done, skim the Sauce, and add a little Cullis.

Poitrine De Mouton De Plusieurs Fašons - Breast Of Mutton Different Ways

Breast of Mutton cut in pieces, and brazed, may be used with all sorts of Roots or Greens, as Hoch-pot; or boiled whole, then broiled with sweet Herbs, and Seasoning, and served with a sharp Sauce.

Epaule De Mouton A La Parme - Shoulder Of Mutton, Parma Fashion

Brazea Shoulder of Mutton, and boil some Rice in good fat Broth; when very tender, lay some of the Rice in the bottom of the dish, pretty thick, then the Shoulder upon it; mix some dried Currants with the remaining Rice, cover the Shoulder over with it, and then with rasped Parmesan Cheese; put it half an hour in the oven to take Colour, and serve with a good clear Sauce.

Epaule De Mouton Au Four - Shoulder Of Mutton Baked In The Oven

Lard a Shoulder of Mutton, seasoned with Pepper and Salt, and sweet Herbs; put it into a pan of its own bigness, with two sliced Onions, two Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, Laurel, a little Basil, and two spoonfuls of Water or Broth; when done in the oven, sift the Sauce, and serve with the Shoulder.

Epaule De Mouton A La Sainte Menehoult. Shoulder Of Mutton Broiled

Lard a Shoulder of Mutton, and braze it tender with a good Seasoning; take it out when done, strew Bread Crumbs over it with chopped sweet Herbs, basting it while it broils with a little of the Braze Sauce: Serve with Cullis and Verjuice, or Vinegar.

Saucissons D'epaule De Mouton - Sausages, Or Colour'd Shoulder Of Mutton

Take up the skin, and bone the meat, which you mince small with pickled Pork, Ham, and a fresh Tongue, mixed all together and seasoned with fine Spices; roll it in the skin, and truss it into a Bullock's Gut, or tie it with a roller: Boil for about half an hour, half a handful of Salt, three pints of Water, an ounce of Saltpetre, two cloves of Garlick, four of Spices, half a dozen Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, a Sprig of Fennel, and half a handful of Juniper Berries; sift it, and add a glass of Brandy; let the Meat soak in this two days; take care to boil it in this Marinate about a quarter of an hour, morning and evening; then boil it in a Pan much of its bigness, in Broth and white Wine, Roots and Onions; when done, let it cool in the same Pan: Serve cold upon a Napkin, or sliced.