TheSE three are all the same Fish, only differently prepared: The Cabiliot is the fresh Cod; the Morue, the barrelled; and the Merluche is the dried, and afterwards soaked Cod: the French Author says, that the best they have is that which is brought from Newfoundland; they have also some from Holland, which is of a very fine white colour, yet is apt to be tough. The Ca-biliot is the large Cod; they also call the Codling Morue fraiche, viz. small Cod.

Merluche A Differentes Sauces - Dried Cod, Or Stock Fish, To Different Sauces

Beat it well first with a wooden Billet, upon a wooden Block; soak it in Water, with green Wood-ashes, about twenty-four Hours, changing both two or three times; then wash it in several Waters to get the Ashes out, and boil it in Water until you find it grow tender; take it out, drain it, and break it in fleaks: Make a Sauce with Butter and Flour, one Clove of Gar-lick pounded, sweet Herbs chopped very fine, and add Cream sufficient to make a good Liaison; put the Merluche to warm in it, without boiling; add one or two spoonfuls of good Oil, and a Lemon Squeeze; stir it constantly, till the Oil is well incorporated with the rest, and serve quite hot. This may be served in a Puff Paste Crust, and then it is called Pâté de Merluche; also with Ravigotte, or Aspic-Sauce, or any other according to taste and fancy. It also eats very well cold, as Sallad, with Oil, Vinegar, and chopped sweet Herbs.

Hure De Cabiliot Aux Huitres, Cod's Head, Oyster Sauce

Scald the Oysters in their own Liquor, drain them, and trim off the Beards; put the Liquid into a Saucepan with a good bit of Butter rolled in Flour, a glass of white Wine, Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg; reduce it to the consistence of a good Liaison; add a Couple of pounded Anchovies to the Oysters, and warm together without boiling: Serve this with a Cod's Head plain boiled and well drained, some of the Sauce upon it, and the Remainder in a boat.

Morue Fraîche, Aux Fines Herbes - Codling, With Sweet Herbs

Cut a Codling into six or eight pieces, bone it as clean as possible, and marinate it in melted Butter, Lemon Juice, and all sorts of sweet Herbs chopped; then lay it on the Table Dish with all the Marinade, both under and over it; cover it with Bread Crumbs and add small bits of Butter, or a few Drops melted, close to each other; bake it in the Oven; it will require but a short Time.

Morue Ou Merluche A La Flamande - Barrelled, Or Dried Cod, Flemish Fashion

Soak it according to judgment: the older it is, the more soaking it requires; boil in abundance of plain Water, then drain it, and serve either in large bits or in fleaks, with Butter, Nutmeg, and hard chopped Eggs.

Morue A La Capucine - Barrelled Cod In The Mendicant Friars Manner

Put a good bit of Butter into a Stew or Sauce Pan, with two Cloves of Garlick stuck each with a Spice Clove, chopped Mushrooms, and sweet Herbs; fry these a moment together, add about a pint of Cream according to the quantity of Fish, boil it a quarter of an Hour, and then sift it in a Sieve; put the Moru'e into it with a bit of Butter, and a little scalded chopped Parsley; simmer it a moment to make a Liaison, and serve directly: You may also add Mushrooms, chopped Girkins and Anchovies, the Girkins and Anchovies to be added only when you are just ready to serve.

Morue Et Merluche A La Jardiniere

Cut Carrots, Parsneps, and Parsley-roots, to what shape you please; boil them in Broth, with Pepper and Salt; then put them into a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter, and boiled Morue or Merluche in fleaks; add a little Cream and Mustard, when ready to serve.

N. B. This is called a la Jardiniere from being dressed with Garden-stuff, and so are all others under the same Name. .

Morue A La Maître D'hotel

See Mackerels ditto. Put ready boiled Morue upon the Dish you intend to serve, with a good bit of Butter, chopped sweet Herbs, Pepper, Nutmeg, and the Juice of a Lemon; warm it upon the same Dish, and stir it in the Sauce just as you serve it.

Morue a la Moutarde. Barrelled Cod and Mustard Sauce. Boil it to three Parts, then drain it, and put it to marinate in Oil and Lemon Juice, with Sprigs of sweet Herbs, and whole Pepper; then drain, and dip it in Whites of Eggs beaten up; roll it in Flour, and fry of a good Colour: Serve with Mustard Sauce. See Sauce Articles.

Morue Au Beurre Noir - Barrelled Cod With Burnt Butter

Warm it in the Dush you intend for Table, with a little Broth, Vinegar, and coarse Pepper; fry some burnt Butter to pour upon it, and serve quite hot with fried Parsley. - Observe, that this is done with ready boiled Morue;

Morue a la Crème; this is the Bechamel Sauce; it is only to put the Fish in it to warm, without boiling.

Morue aux Verjus de Grains: scald Verjuice Grapes, and put them a moment into a Sauce made of Butter and Cream; put the Morue in Fleaks to warm in it.