Langue De Boeufa La St. Menehoult

A Brazed Tongue Broiled, Brarea Tongue well larded; when done, split it in two without separating, dip it in Yolks of Eggs, and Bread Crumbs, then in melted Butter and more Crumbs; broil it on a slow Fire, basting it frequently with Butter: Serve it with a clear Verjuice Sauce, or Mustard in a Sauce-Boat.

* I take the Origin of this Name to be from the Inventor; however, as it will be often repeated, it always means the Thing dipped in some Sorts of Batter, or Sauce, and afterwards Broiled, and that mostly with Bread Crumbs.

Langue de Boeuf au Gratin. Neat's Tongue au Gratin. N. B. Gratin means every Thing that catches at Bottom.

Cut a brazed Tongue into thin Slices; put in a Stew-pan a Bit of Butter, Parsley, Chibol, Mushrooms, Shallots, and Half a Clove of Garlick, all well chopped; simmer these on the Fire with a little Cullis, Gravy, and Broth, a little Vinegar, Salt, and coarse Pepper; reduce it to the Consistency of a Sauce, adding an Anchovy, and Capers chopped; put Half of this Sauce into the Dish intended for Table, place the Tongue properly upon it, and Simmer it until it catches at Bottom. When ready to serve add the rest of your Sauce.

Pâté & Tourte De Langue De Boeuf. Neat's Tongue Pie, With Rais'd Or Puff Paste

Scald a Tongue, and boil it in your Pot, or in plain Water; when almost done, peel it, and cut it in Sli-ces; make what Paste you please (of which you will find ample Directions under the Article Pastry); place upon it the Slices of Tongue with Pepper and Salt, two good Slices of Ham, a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol, a Clove of Garlick, three Heads of Cloves, Thyme, and Laurel; cover it with Slices of Lard and Butter, and bake it in the Oven. When done, take out the Lard and Faggot, skim off the Fat very clean, and add to it a Spanish Sauce, or any other you think proper.

The Rais'd Paste Gives It The Name Of Pâté, The Puff'd That Of Tourte - Langue De Boeuf Au Parmesan. Neat's Tongue And Parmesan Cheese

Boil the Tongue as in the foregoing Receipt, and finish it in a Braze, with a little Salt; peel it, and let it cool, then cut it in Slices; put a little Cullis and Parmesan into the Table Dish, with some of the Tongue Slices; then a little more Cullis and Parmesan; let the Cheese be the last Bed: Bake it of a good Colour either in a Dutch or common Oven, and add the little Sauce remaining.

Cervelle De Boeuf - Beef's Brains

OX's Brains are prepared as Calves Brains, which you will find in the Articles of Veal.

Palais De. Boeufs A La St. Menehoult - Beef's Palates Broiled

Boil in Water as many Palates as you please; peel them well, and soak them some Time in a St. Me-noult, which is thus prepared: Put into a Stew-Pana Bit of Butter rolled in Flour, Salt, and Pepper, two Shallots, a Clove of Garlick, a Spice Clove, Parsley, a Laurel Leaf, and Thyme, with as much Milk as is necessary to simmer your Palates; in about three Quarters of an Hour, take them out, and dip them in Yolks of Eggs and Bread Crumbs; broil them slowly, and serve with a sharp Sauce, or Mustard.