Rognons De Boeuf En Pâté Chaud, Hot Kidney Pie

Cut the Kidnies into thin Slices, and lay them in the Bottom of the Pie, then sweet Herbs chopped, such as Parsley, Thyme, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper, and Salt; continue this till the Dish is full, then cover the whole with Slices of Lard, and finish the Pie; bake it in the Oven, take out the Lard, and skim off the Fat very clean: Make a Sauce with a Glass of white Wine, a tolerable Quantity of Cullis, reduce to the Consistence of a good Sauce, and squeezea Seville Orange in it when ready.

Rognons De Boeuf A La Bourgeoise - Kidney, Family Way

Cut a Kidney in two, and put it into a Stew-pan with Parsley, Shallots, a Clove of Garlick, Thyme, and Laurel, all chopped very fine, and a Bit of Butter; turn it over the Fire some Time, then roll it in Bread Crumbs, and broil it. Pour the Sauce gently over it when ready. Make the Sauce half Gravy and half Verjuice.

Tetine De Vache Au Verjus - Cow's Udder And Verjuice Sauce

Cut the Udder in Pieces and put it into a Stew-pan with chopped Parsley, Chibol, Mushrooms, a Clove of Garlick and Butter; let it catch; then add a Glass of white Wine, Broth, Pepper and Salt; simmer it to a short Sauce; then make aLiaison with two Yolks of Eggs and Broth; when ready add a Spoonful of Verjuice or Lemon.

Usage De La Graisse De Boeuf & Mouelle. The Way To Use Beefs Suit And Marrow

TO use Suet and Marrow, all the small Skin and Sinews must be picked out very clean; (the Way to do it is common to all Kitchen Maids.) It serves for most Forced-meat, (as does the Marrow for particular Uses) and is extremely good to put into Brazes, being very nourishing. If you would use it instead of Butter, soak it in Milk-warm-Water, turning and pressing it with your Hands to render it soft, and to squeeze out the Water.

Tranches De Boeuf A La Bourgeoise - Beef Stakes The Family Way

Lard the Stakes here and there with large Lardons; put them into the Pan with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, Laurel, Salt, whole Pepper, and a Glass of white Wine; let them soak two Hours, then sim-mer them till done: You may serve them either hot or cold.

Tranches De Boeuf A La Camargot - Beef Stakes, By The Name Of A Famous Dancer

Lard thick Beef Stakes, with half Lard and half Anchovies; put them into a Stew-Pan upon Slices of Lard, adding fine Spices (but no Salt, as the Anchovies will answer)a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol, a Clove of Garlick, two Shallots, a Laurel Leaf, Thyme, Basil, and a Glass of white Wine: Let these simmer about four Hours, then sift the Sauce in a Sieve, and add a Bit of Butter rolled in Flour; according to the Quantity of Sauce you want, add Broth and Cullis, and a Lemon Squeeze if you like it.

Tranches De Boeuf A La Royale. Beef Stakes, Royal Fashion

Lard a thick Stake with large Lardons; season it with fine Spices, Parsley, Chibol, a Clove of Gar-lick, two Shallots, a Laurel Leaf, and Thyme, all chopped very fine; put your Beef into the Pan upon thin Slices of Lard, a few sliced Onions, and other sliced Roots; soak it over a slow Fire about five or six Hours in its own Gravy, the Pan being well covered; towards the latter End, put to it a Spoonful of Brandy; sift the Sauce in a Sieve, and skim off the Fat if you serve it up hot, but not if cold.

When served hot it is called a la Mode Beef; and a la Royale when cold.