Queue De Boeufs De Plusieurs Fašons - Beefs Tails Of Different Fashions

Tails well brazed may be dressed different Ways. You may broil them and serve them with a sharp Sauce in a Boat; also as a Tureen with all Sorts of Herbs and Roots, such as Cucumbers, Chesnuts, Truffles, Turnips, Onions, Carrots, or with Sweet-breads, Coxcombs, etc. or as part of a Hochpot with any other kind of Meat.

Gras Double A La Robert - Tripes, Sauce Robert

(See Sauces, p. 41.)

Fry three or four sliced Onions in Butter till they are almost done; boil the Tripe in Water very tender, and cut it in Pieces, which mix with the Onions, adding a little Cullis, a Glass of white Wine, as much Broth, a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol, a Laurel Leaf, two Cloves, three or four Taragon Leaves, Pepper and Salt; boil on a slow Fire, skim it well, reduce the Sauce pretty thick, and add a little Mustard when ready to serve.

Gras Double Au Verjus - Tripes, Verjuice Sauce

Boil the Tripe very tender; make a Marinade with Oil, Pepper, Salt, Parsley, and Shollots chopped very fine; soak the Tripe some Time in this, then roll it in Bread Crumbs, and broil it of a good Colour; serve with a Sauce, half Cullis and half Verjuice.-(See Sauces, p. 37.)

Gras Double De Plusieurs Fašons. Tripes Of Different Fashions

Tripes boiled very tender may be cut in different Forms, and dressed with Mushrooms, Parsley, Shallots, a Clove of Garlick, a few Taragon Leaves, two Cloves, a Slice of Ham, a Bit of Butter, Thyme and Laurel; let it catch a little, then add a Glass of white Wine and as much Broth; reduce the Sauce, and make aLiaison with three Yolks of Eggs, Pepper and Salt, Verjuice or Lemon. If you would make it brown, instead of a Liaison add Cullis and Gravy, a small Quantity of scalded Parsley, chopped very fine, or any other sweet Herbs.

Rognon De Boeuf A La Moutarde - Beef's Kidney, And Mustard Sauce

Fry sliced Onions in Butter to half; cut the Kidney into small Pieces, and put it to the Onions in a Stew-pan, with Pepper and Salt, and stew it on a slow Fire; (the Kidney will furnish Liquor enough) add the Mustard when ready.

Rognon De Boeuf A La Mode, Beef's Kidney A La Mode

Cut the Kidneys in small Pieces and clean them very well; cut alsoa Pound of pickled Pork in Pieces; chop some Parsley, Shallots, and a Clove of Garlick; garnish the bottom of your Stew-pan with Slices of Lard; then Kidney, Pork, and Herbs, then Lard again, until you have finished; let it stew for about three Hours over a slow Fire, or in the Oven; when it is almost done add a good Spoonful of Brandy; serve it in a Tureen either hot or cold. This is also done with whole Kidneys, being properly seasoned and larded, as in other Pieces of Beef.

Rognons De Boeuf En Fillet - Beefs Kidney Shredded

Braze the Kidney till very tender, and shred it; which you may serve upon stewed Cucumbers, or any other Greens whatever; it must be made pretty re-lishing.