Palais De Boeufsa La Marmotte - Beefs Palates, Country Fashion

Cut two or three Palates boiled in Water; cut also some pickled Pork in Slices which boil till half done; then add the Palates, with Parsley, Shallots, and a Clove of Garlick, chopped together, with whole Pepper, and a little white Wine; boil all together. When done, put the Meat on the Dish you intend to serve, strew Crumbs of Bread over, put it in the Oven to take Colour; and serve with short Sauce.

Palais De Boeufsa La Ravigotte. Beefs Palates With A Relishing Sauce

Boil the Palates in Water; when well peeled, cut each into six pieces; put them in a Stew-pan with a Slice of Ham,a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol,a Clove of Garlick, two Heads of Cloves, and a Bit of Butter; let it catch a little, then add a Glass of white Wine, and as much Cullis; simmer it some Time, skim off the Fat, and add Pepper and Salt; reduce, the Sauce when ready, and add sweet Herbs finely chopped, such as Taragon, Burnet, Chervil, Cresses, and Civet, of each according to their Quality for Strength of Flavour.

Palais De Boeufs De Plusieurs Fašons - Beefs Palates Of Different Fashions

When the Palates are boiled in Water and well pared and peeled, cut them to what Form you please, then braze them for half an Hour; take them out and wipe them free from Fat; put them in your Dish, and add what Sauce you please, rather sharp is best, as these Palates are flat tasted of themselves. They are also fried, being dipped in good Batter, and served with a relishing Sauce, or fried Parsley. This last is called en Croquet.

Queue De Boeufau Out Choux - Beefs Tail And Cabbages

Cut a beefs Tail into several Pieces, scald and boil it in Broth with a Faggot of Parsley, Shallots,a Laurel Leaf, and three Heads of Cloves; when boiled about an Hour, put to it a good Savoy, first scalded,a Pound of pickled Pork cut in Pieces, and a little Salt and Pepper: when done take it out of the Braze, squeeze the Fat out; put all into a Tureen intermixed, and add Broth and good Cullis sufficient to make it either more or less Liquid.

Queue De Boeuf Out Lentilles. Beefs Tail And Lentils

Braze the Tail and cut it into Pieces, with pickled Pork as before; make a Veal Cullis with Slices of Veal, Ham, Onions, Carrots, Parsneps, and Celery; when it catches add Broth, and finish as in all other Cullis. Boil Lentils either in Broth or Water; make a Porridge, to mix with the Cullis to a thick Consistence, which serve in a Tureen upon the Tail and pickled Pork. - They are done the same with all Sorts of Porridge either dry or green.

Queue De Boeuf En PÔtÚ Chaud. Hot Beef's Tail Pie

Braze two or three Tails to about three Parts, then take them out, and cut them in Pieces; put a Couple of Slices of Ham in the Bottom of your Pie, and then the tails; cover it over with Butter and thin Slices of Lard, and finish your Pie; bake it; when done, take out the Lard and Ham, skim off the Fat very clean, and serve upon it a good Sauce, or a Ragout of any Sort.