Queues De Montona La Milanoise - Sheep's Rumps And Savoys

The name of this Dish is taken from the Cabbages, used therein, viz. Savoys, which in French are called Choux de Milan. - The Cabbages are brazed, and chopped like a Farce; then stewed with Butter, Pepper and Salt, a few bits of Pickled Pork, and a very little Vinegar: The Rumps are served upon the Cabbage, and the Pickled Pork placed round the Dish.

Queues En Terrine Et Ailerons Au Coulis De Marons - Tureen Of Sheep's Rumps And Pinions, With Chesnuts

The Rumps are mixed with the Pinions of Poultry and Chesnuts, and served in a Tureen, made pretty thick with Chesnut Cullis.

Queues De Mouton En Hochepot - Sheep's Rumps In Hotchpot

This Dish is commonly pretty high seasoned, and served in a tureen. It is dressed much like the last, only that Onions, Pickled Pork, and any kind of Meat is added; and the Rumps may be glazed like a Fricaudeau, for the sake of variety.

Langues De Mouton - Sheep's Tongues

Boil them in Water with all sorts of sweet Herbs; when they are almost done peel them, and finish them in a good Braze: Serve with a relishing Sauce. - You may also cut them in two, and dip them in Butter or Oil, with chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper. and Salt, to broil or fry; and then serve with Sauce Piquante. See the Sauce articles.

Langues De Moutona La Provençale - Sheep's Tongues, Provence Fashion

Fry sliced Onions in Oil; when half done add Flour, chopped Parsley, Mushrooms, a clove of Garlick, Pepper and Salt, a glass of white Wine, and two spoonfuls of Cullis; let it boil till the Onions are done. Split as many ready boiled Tongues as you please, simmer them a quarter of an hour in the Sauce, and serve all together; garnish the dish with fried Bread.

Langues De Mouton Glacées - Sheep's Tongues As Fricandeau

Boil the Tongues to three parts; peel them, let them cool, and then lard them; finish in a little Broth, with a slice of Ham, sweet Herbs, and a few fine Spices; skim the Sauce, reduce it to a Glaze, and serve with what Sauce you please. You may also use them without glazing, with a spoonful of Cullis, and Broth added to their own Sauce, and well sifted. -This last is called au Naturel.

Langues De Mouton A La Royale - Sheep's Tongues, Royal Fashion

Boil them as before; then lard them through and through, and marinate about an hour in three or four spoonfuls of Oil, Pepper and Salt, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Truffles or Mushrooms; finish them with all this Seasoning, between slices of Lard, and add a glass of white Wine; when done skim the Sauce, add a little Cullis to give it Consistence, and serve it upon the Tongues.

Langues De Mouton Out Onions En Crépine - Sheep's Tongues With Onions In Cowl

Fry sliced Onions in Butter; when done add two pounded Anchovies, two Shallots, a little Fennel finely chopped, Parsley, Pepper and Salt, and two Yolks of raw Eggs; put ready boiled Tongues into a bit of Cowl, and the former preparation round it, which you will roll in the Cowl; bathe with Eggs and Bread Crumbs, give them colour in the oven, and serve with what Sauce you please. - You may also dress them au Gratin, cutting them into thin slices, placing a little Forced-meat between, and basting now and then with Cullis.