Langues De Mouton En Papillottes - Sheep's Tongues In Paper

Cut brazed Tongues into two pieces, and put round them a Forced-meat made of Fowls Livers, or any sorts of Poultry, with Yolks of hard Eggs, sweet Herbs, a little Suet or Beef Marrow, Pepper and Salt, and a few fine Spices, pounded together; roll them up in Paper, first rubbed with Oil or Butter; either broil or bake them slowly, and serve dry or with a Sauce.

Langues De Mouton Au Parmesan, Sheep's Tongues And Parmesan Cheese

Put a little Cullis Sauce and Butter into the dish you intend to serve, and upon this rasped Cheese; split brazed Tongues in two, and lay them upon it, then a little more Cullis and Cheese; put it in the oven, or colour it with a salamander; serve with short Sauce.

Langues De Mouton Au Four, Sheep's Tongues In The Oven

Chop some Parsley, Shallots, Thyme and Laurel, Pepper and Salt, mix all together with a good bit of Butter; put half of it on the Table-dish, with split Tongues thereon, two or three spoonfuls of good Cullis, and the remainder of the Butter; sprinkleBread Crumbs over, and finish in the oven.

Langues De Mouton En Surprise, Sheep's Tongues Masked Or Shammed

Boil Sheep's Tongues in Water till three partsdone; peel them, and lard them through and through; then finish in a slight Braze, made of Broth, a glass of white Wine, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, Cloves, and a few Shallots; when done let them cool, and wrap them up in Forced-meat, either (Godiveau) or of Poultry, and a Cowl over both; then dip them in Eggs, and sprinkle them with Bread Crumbs; put them into your dish, and bake in the oven: When done, wipe the fat off very clean, and serve with Acid Sauce. You may also wrap them in thin slices of Veal under the Cowl, and simmer them about an hour with a little Broth, and a glass of white Wine: When done, sift the Sauce, add a little Cullis, and a Lemon Squeeze, and serve upon the Tongues. - This last is called a la Braise.

Langues De Mouton A La Liaison - Sheep's Tongues Ragout, Or With Thick Sauce

Boil Tongues in Water; when well peeled cut them in two without separating them quite; season them with Pepper and Salt, a little Oil or Butter, and broil them on both sides: Make a Sauce after this manner;a little Butter, with chopped Mushrooms, Shallots, two Cloves, and a faggot of Parsley; simmer this some time, then add a little Broth, half a glass of white Wine, Pepper and Salt, and a little Flour; reduce the Sauce, take out the faggot, and add three Yolks of Eggs with Broth to make the Liaison: Serve it upon the Tongues with a Lemon Squeeze.

Langues De Mouton A La Dauphine. Sheep's Tongues, Dauphin Fashion

Braze the Tongues till quite tender, cut them into very thin slices, and make a Forced-meat with Truffles or Mushrooms, fat Livers, Beef Marrow, Pepper and Salt, chopped Parsley, and Shallots, mixed with three Yolks of Eggs; cut pretty large pieces of Veal, and intermix this Foced-meat with slices of Tongue; roll them up in Cowl like a thick short Sausage, which dip in Eggs, and then sprinkle Bread Crumbs all over; fry or broil of a fine colour; serve cither dry, with fried Pasley, or with Sauce.