Langues De Mouton A La Bourgeoise Sheep's Tongues, Plain Family Fashion

Boil them in Water, then peel and split them in two; marinate awhile in melted Butter, Pepper, Salt, and chopped Shallots; broil slowly with Bread Crumbs, and serve with a Sauce made of a spoonful of Verjuice or Vinegar, a bit of Butter, two spoonfuls of Broth, a little Flour and Nutmeg, and two chopped Shallots; reduce the Sauce to a good Consistence, and serve under the Tongues.

Langues De Mouton En Tourte - Sheep's Tongues Pie

Make a good Puff-paste, and lay in the bottom of the dish some good Forced-meat, made of roasted Poultry, Suet or rasped Lard, chopped Parsley, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt, and a few fine Spices; upon this place the Tongues cut in two; over them, a good slice of Ham, a little Butter, and a few slices of larding Bacon; finish the Pie and bake it: When done, take out the Lard and Ham, skim the fat off very clean, and add what Sauce you please.

Canelons * De Langues De Mouton - Sheep's Tongues Fried In Paste

Cut Sheeps Tongues in quarters length-ways, the Tongues being first brazed; put round them a little Forced-meat well seasoned, then roll them up in Paste very thin, and fry as you do Rissolles; serve them dry. They are also served au Gratin, following the same direction as for other kinds of meat.

* Canelon is a diminutive of Canon, viz. a large Gun; this, and all directions under this denomination, are prepared after this manner. Canons and Canelons (in the sense of Cookery) are to each other, as Crépine and Crepinette.

Pieds De Mouton De Differentes Façons - Sheep's Trotters Of Different Fashions

Boil them in Water until you can take out the great Bones; split them to clean properly, and boil them again till they are very tender; dress them in what manner you please, either as a Fricassee of Chicken, or with a Cullis Sauce; taking care to make the Sauce relishing.

Pieds De Mouton A La Belle - Vue - Sheep's Trotters, With Sauce A La Belle-vue

The Trotters brazed very tender with Scraps of Veal, a few bits of Ham, Lard, Spices, and two or three slices of Lemon; take the Leg Bone out, and in the room of it, sticka bit of fried Bread cut pro-portionably; serve with the abovementioned Sauce, which you will find in the Sauce Articles.

Pieds De Mouton En Canon - Sheep's Trotters Fried In Paste

The Trotters first boiled in Water, and finished in a good tasted Braze, must be boned without cutting; then roll them in good Forced-meat, and dip them in thick Batter made of Flour, Oil, white Wine, Pepper and Salt; fry them of a good colour, and serve with fried Parsley.

Pieds De Mouton A La Sainte Menehoult - Sheep's Trotters Fried Or Broiled

When boiled enough to take out the great Bones, put in their place a Godiveau Forced-meat; finish them in a good Braze, or in a Sainte Menehoult made with a little Milk, a bit of Butter and Flour, and all sorts of sweet Herbs chopped fine; roll them in Bread Crumbs; broil and serve them with a clear sharp Sauce, when brazed very white and tender. You may serve them with Sauce a la Reine, or any other Sauce, when brazed tender. The Sauce gives the name, as out Onions, au Parmesan, au Gratin, etc. etc.