Rissolles A La Bechamel - White Collops

The Term Rissolles, implies any thing fried brown, and comprehends also all kinds of Meat cut into thin slices for Collops; likewise Forced-meat Balls fried, either to serve alone, or to mix with any thing else: Flour and Butter, fried together, to give a Colour to any Sauce, is also called a Rissollet, viz. a Browning. But as there are many different ways of dressing Rissolles, as well as other Dishes, it may be necessary to give some particular direction about them. A Rissollet a la Bechamel is thus prepared: Soak a slice of Ham, with a bit of Butter, chopped Parsley, Shallots, and half a Laurel-leaf; simmer these on a slow fire about a quarter of an hour, then add a good spoonful of Cullis, as much Cream, and a little Flour and Pepper; reduce the Liquid till quite thick, and sift it in a sieve: Cut the Breasts of roasted Poultry into small bits; put the Meat into the Sauce, with one Yolk of Egg, and give them a few boilings together: Cut also bits of thin Paste to what form you please, put this Ragout between two pieces, pinch it all round to secure the Sauce, and fry them of a fine brown Colour, Rissolles Rissolles a la Choisy.

This, as many others, is cither after the Name of a Nobleman, Count Choisy, or the Inventor.

Boil, Calves Udder till very tender, in the common Pot, and let it cool; then cut it into thin slices, and lay a slice of Bacon upon each; place a fine relishing Forced-meat upon these, roll them up, dip them in a Batter-paste made of Flour, Salt, a little Oil, and white Wine, and fry as the former. You may serve a little Sauce under.

Rissolles De Palais De Boeuf - Of Beef-palates

Cut one or two brazed Palates to the bigness of half a crown; have ready bits of puff-paste, as for white Collops; lay a little Farce upon the Paste, then the Palates, and then Farce again; roll them up and fry as the former. - Observe that your Forced-meat is made with Meat, either roasted or boiled; any remnant of roasted Fowls, Chickens, or Veal will do, being properly seasoned.

Rissolles De Gibier Of Game

Mince the remainder of any roasted Game, chop the Bones, and put them into a Stew-pan with a glass of Wine, a faggot of sweet Herbs, one or two Shallots, and a little Cullis; simmer them somc time, then sift the Liquid, and put it on the fire again, to bring it to a thick Sauce: Lastly, put in the Minced-meat, with a raw Yolk of Egg whipped, Pepper and Salt; then let it cool, and finish as those a la Bechamel, Riffolles Rissolles de differentes Farces Of different Forced-meat.

Make a Farce with any sorts of boiled or roasted Meat, as Poultry, fat Livers, Lamb, Veal, Game, etc. etc. chop it very fine with Udder, a little Suet, Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Truffles, any other sweet Herbs, Pepper and Salt; mix these together with Yolks of Eggs, form the Farce into little balls, or finish in Paste as before directed.

Rissolles D La Presidente - From President, The Husband

Mince a roasted Veal Kidney, with a little of its own Fat, some rasped Parmesan Cheese, Pepper and Salt, and mix them with Yolks of Eggs; cut bits of Bread to what shape you please, lay as much of the Farce upon each piece as you can, smooth them with a knife dipped in Whites of Eggs, and strew Bread Crumbs over them; bake them a little while in the oven, or colour them with a Brazing-pan Cover.

Rissolles A La Provenšale - The Provence Fashion

Make a Farce with roasted Poultry, scraped Lard, three Anchovies and a few Capers chopped, Pepper, Salt, two or three Shallots, and a little Basil Powder; mix these together with four or five Yolks of Eggs, and finish as the former.