[N. B. In These true Taste shews itself, and must meet with Approbation or Condemnation. As all boiled Meat, Hewed, or brazed, is to be made relishing, with the Addition of a well-timed good Sauce; and as it is absolutely impossible to direct Quantities so minutely as to agree with different Palates, I shall strongly recommend to all Cooks of either Sex, to keep their Stomachs-free from strong Liquors, and their Noses from Snuff]

Sauce Nompareille - Nonpareil, Or Matchless Sauce

Take a Bit of boiled Ham, as much Breast of roasted Fowl, a pickled Cucumber, a hard Yolk of Egg, one Anchovy, a little Parsley, a Head of Shallot chopped as fine as possible; boil a Moment in good Cullis, and use it for Meat or Fish.

Sauce A La Nivernoise. Nivernois Sauce

Put in a small Stew-pan a couple of Slices of Ham, a Clove of Garlick, two Cloves, a Laurel Leaf, sliced Onions, and Roots; let it catch a little, then add a small Quantity of Broth, two Spoonfuls of Cullis, and a Spoonful of Taragon Vinegar; simmer it for an Hour on the Side of a Stove, then sift it in a Sieve, and serve it for a relishing Sauce.

Sauce Petite Italienne. A Little Italian Sauce

A Slice of Ham, a few Mushrooms, a few Shallots, half a Laurel Leaf, a large Spoonful of Oil; simmer all together on a slow Fire, add some rich Cullis, and half a Glass of Champagne; simmer it like all Sauces, on a slow Fire for half an Hour, skim it well, and sift it in a Sieve.

N. B. The French often recommend a Glass of Champagne; it may be supplied in England with Lisbon, the Price being considered. Also Oil is to be used with great Moderation in England, altho' often recommended in Italian Dishes; but it cannot be had so good here, for which Reason Butter ought to be preferred.

Sauce Italienne Blanche, White Italian Sauce

Simmer on a slow Fire a Spoonful of Oil, chopped Truffles, two Cloves of Garlick, two whole Chi-bols, Parsley, half a Laurel Leaf, and two Slices of Lemon, first peel'd, and good Consumee, viz. Jelly Broth, and a Glass of white Wine; skim it well, and sift it.

Sauce A La Mariniere - Mariners Soup

Chop a Fowl's Liver, with two or three Shallots, and a Couple of Truffles, or Mushrooms; simmer these in a Spoonful of Oil, two or three Spoonfuls of Cullis, a Glass of white Wine, a little Salt, and coarse Pepper; simmer it about Half an Hour, and skim it very well before using.

Sauce Au Celadon - Sea-green Sauce

Take small Slices of Lard, Ham, Veal, Onions, Carrots, Parsneps, Shallots, and Cloves; let them catch a little, then add a Jill of white Wine and Broth; boil for an Hour on a slow Fire, then sift it, and put in some fine chopped Parsley, and some Butter rolled in Flour; boil it to a good Consistence, stirring it often the while for fear it should burn at Bottom; when ready-to serve, add Lemon Juice sufficient to relish it.

Note, That when you use whole Cloves of Garlick in any Sauce; always take them out before you serve it up.