Poulets A La Folette, Wanton, Or Fantastick Chickens

Cut Carrots and Parsneps according to fancy, and boil them in Broth, with half a dozen small Onions,: Cut alsoa few Truffles and Mushrooms, and a slice of Ham into dice; put these last in a Stew-pan, with good Butter, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, Thyme and Laurel; give them a fry in the Butter, then add Veal Gravy, and a glass of white Wine, and boil slowly: When done, skim the Fat very clean, add a little Cullis, and put to it the first preparation, with half a handful of Olives stoned.-Roast two middling Chickens, stuffed with a little Farce made of their Livers, etc. and rolled up in slices of Lard and Paper: When done, serve the Ragout upon them.

Poulets A La Belle-vile, Chickens, With A Well-looking Sauce

Boil eight or ten small Onions in Broth till three parts done, put them into a Stew-pan, with some melted Lard, two slices of Lemon peeled, Truffles or Mushrooms, fat Livers cut into dice, Pepper and Salt; simmer slowly about half an hour without Liquid, then let them cool: Bone two good Chickens, and stuff them with the Ragout, wrap them up in slices of Bacon, with Pepper and Salt, a few green Shallots, Sprigs of Parsley, and a double Paper rubbed over with good Oil or melted Butter; broil them slowly, and when done, wipe off the Fat, and serve with a Sauce a la Belle-vue, which you will find in the Sauce Articles.

Poulets A La Mariée - Chickens, Bride Fashion

Bone two small Chickens, stuff them with fat Livers minced, and mixed with chopped Parsley, one Shallot, a little Basil, scraped Lard, Pepper and Salt; marinate awhile in good Oil, then wrap them up with thin slices of Bacon, Veal, Ham, and double Paper; put them into a Stew-pan upon a very slow fire: When done, take off all the slices, and serve with Sauce Nonpareil, See the Sauce Articles.

Poulets A L'italienne - Chickens, Italian Fashion

Truss a couple of Chickens as for boiling, lard them with Larding Bacon and Ham intermixed; give them a fry first in Butter, then in a Stew-pan, with slices of Veal, and the Butter you used first, a Faggot, one clove of Garlick, two of Spices, Pepper and Salt, covered with slices of Lard, and half a Lemon peeled and sliced; soak them about half an hour, and then add a Glass of white Wine: When done, sift the Sauce, and skim the Fat; add a little Butter rolled in Flour, reduce it to the Consistence of a Sauce, and serve it upon the Chickens.

Poulets A L'aspic. Chickens With Sharp Or Relishing Sauce

Boil eight small white Onions till half done, and put them whole into a Stew-pan, with Truffles or Mushrooms cut into slice, chopped Parsley, Shallots, fat Livers, Thyme, Laurel, and two spoonfuls of good Oil; simmer this until all is done tender, add Pepper and Salt, and then let it cool: Split two Chickens, take out the Breast-bone, and stuff them with the Ragout; when well fastened, give them a fry in Oil or Butter, then wrap them up with a few slices of Lard and Paper, and finish them in roasting: Serve with Aspic Sauce, as set forth in the Sauce Articles.