Palais De Boeufs En Menus Droits - Beefs Palates Cut In Fillets, Or Minced

Fry two or three sliced Onions in Butter, until half done; put to them two or three sliced Palates plain boiled, adding a little Cullis, Gravy, and Broth; sim-mer it to reduce the Sauce; skim it well, and add Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg, and a little Vinegar: When ready to serve, add a little Mustard.

Palais De Boeufsa La Mariette - Beef's Palates In A Common Way

Boil three Palates in Water for about an Hour, peel them, and cut each in two, length Ways; put thin Slices of Ham and pickled Pork between two Palates, and tie them together; finish by boiling in Broth, with a little Salt, whole Pepper, a Faggot, and two Cloves: Serve with Consomme, and a Lemon Squeeze.

Palais De Boeufsa` La- Provenšale. Beefs Palates, Provence Way

Braze the Palates and cut them into small Pieces; put them in a Stew-pan with a Bit of Butter, two Spoonfuls of Oil, Salt, whole Pepper, a little rasped Nutmeg, two chopped Shallots, a Clove of Garlick, five or six Taragon Leaves, Mushrooms and Parsley; simmer them a Quarter of an Hour, then add a little Cullis, a Glass of white Wine, and a little Consomme; boil for a Moment, skim off the Fat, and add a Lemon Squeeze when ready to serve.

As this Dish will often be repeated in the dressing different Kinds of Aliments, I shall take notice, that all such are much characterized for being strong of Oil and Garlick; the People of Provence being very fond of both: but the Oil, being the Produce of the Country, answers in most Respects to Butter in England.

Palais De Boeufs Au Parmesan Aux Onions, Beefs Palates With Parmesan And Onions

Braze the Palates and cut each into six Pieces; have some small Onions boiled in Broth, which you mix with some Cullis and Consomme, a Bit of Butter, Pepper, and Salt; make aLiaison on the Fire; put half of this Sauce (in the Dish you intent to serve) with rasped Parmesan, then the Palates and small Onions, and lastly the Remainder of the Sauce and Parmesan over it; bake it in an Oven, or with a Cover, till it takes a fine Colour.

Palais De Boeufs Au Gratin, Beef's Palates, Au Gratin

(See the Explanation of Gratin, page 54.)

Make a forced Meat with Fat Livers, chopped Truffles, scraped Lard, two Yolks of Eggs, and a little Salt; put this in the Dish you intend to serve on a sand Fire; let it catch, and add the Palates brazed and cut in what Form you please, upon the Gratin and small Onions first boiled; serve upon it a Sauce au Pontiffe or a l'Espagnole. (See Sauce Articles) - Veal and Sheeps Palates are dressed in all the same different Ways, as Beef's.

Palais De Boeuf A L'escalope - Beefs Palates Scalloped

Boil your Palates in Water, peel and pare them very well, then slice them to the Breadth of half a Crown, as thin as you can; put in the Stew-pan Slices of Ham, two Spoonfuls of Oil, Parsley, Chibol, Mushrooms, Shallots, and a Trifle of Garlick, all chopped fine, with whole Pepper and Salt; lay over thesea Bed of Palates, upon that sweet Herbs chopped, then Palates again, and so continue till all the Palates are used; cover the whole with thin Slices of Lard, and simmer on a slow fire; when it begins to boil, add a Glass of white Wine, and let it simmer about an Hour longer; then skim off the Fat, and take out the Lard and Ham; add to it a Spoonful of Cullis,a Lemon Squeeze, and serve with short Sauce.