Artichauts A La Saint Cloud - This Name Is Explained Before

Prepare and boil them as the last, or in a Braze to three parts, then drain them, and let them cool; have as many small Pigeons, stewed and well seasoned, as you have Artichokes, which are each stuffed with a Pigeon; dip them in good frying Paste, or thick Batter, made of Eggs and Flour, a spoonful of Oil, and a little Salt, and fry in a very hot and plentiful Pan of Friture.

Another Method Called A La Saint Cloud

The Artichokes being prepared, and filled with the same sorts of Ragout, or any other; put a little Farce all over the Ragout and Leaves, sprinkle with Bread Crumbs, and drop a little Butter upon them; put them into a Baking-dish, with thin slices of Lard and Fillet of Veal, and bake in a middling Oven of a good colour: When ready to serve, drain off the Fat, and lay them on the Table-dish, make a little hole in the middle, to pour some Spanish Sauce in, and serve the rest in the Dish; stick a Cock's-comb, or any thing cut in the same shape, into the hole at the top.

Artichauts Au Pere Bernard, Father Or Gaffar Barnard, Etc

Cut the Artichokes in two, trim them inside and out properly, and braze them till three parts done; take them out to drain, flour, and fry them: Serve with fried Parsley.

A La Gendarmes

They are half boiled, then broiled with sweet Herbs therein, mixed with Oil or Butter; pour a Verjuice Sauce into them when properly done.

A La St. Menehoult

The Bottoms only are boiled, filled with a good Farce, and finished as all Directions under this denomination.

Artichauts A La Pompadour

This is exactly as directed before for a la Glace or au Miroir. - The Bottoms of Artichokes are brazed very tender, in a good rich Braze, and a fine clear Jelly poured upon them in the Table-dish; they are then iced a la Glace.

A La Hollandaise; Dutch Fashion

The Bottoms of Artichokes are brazed as the last, and simmered in a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter rolled in Flour, some good Broth, Pepper, Salt, and a Faggot. When ready to serve, take out the Faggot, reduce the Sauce to a good consistence, and add some scalded chopped Parsley, and a Lemon Squeeze.

Artichauts En Accolade

Glued or soldered together. Braze eight or ten whole Artichoke Bottoms, being properly trimmed; put a little ready-prepared Sal-picon Farce between two of them, and so on, for as many as you please; rub the borders with Yolks of Eggs, to folder them; dip them in Eggs beat up as for Omelets, sprinkle them with Bread Crumbs, and fry of a fine gold colour.

En Baignets

The Bottoms being ready boiled or brazed, cut each into quarters, and dip them in good thick Wine Batter, to serve as Fritures, with fried Parsley.

En Salade

Bottoms of Artichokes, brazed whole, and cold; garnish them with fillets of Anchovies soak-ed, Capers, and small Sallad round; season them as a Sallad, with Salt, Pepper, Oil and Vinegar.

Au Parmesan

Brazed first, and finished as is usual under this denomination, with some good Cullis in the Dish; sprinkled with Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese, and coloured in the Oven.

A La Bechamel

Bottoms brazed and warmed in Be-camel Sauce.

Artichauts A La Mayence. Artichokes With Westphalia Ham Sauce Or Slices

Cut as many thin slices of Ham as you propose of Artichoke Bottoms, which are brazed as usual; soak the Ham over a slow Fire, until it is done; place the slices separately on the Table-dish, and the bottoms of Choaks upon them; put a little Cullis into the Pan, to gather the flavour and Sauce of the Ham, and add a spoonful of Jelly Broth, a bit of Butter rolled in Flour, a little Pepper and Vinegar; simmer the Sauce to thicken it, and serve upon the Bottoms of the Artichokes.

Au Bacha

Make a Sauce with Butter, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Chibol, Mushrooms, and a little Broth, and simmer some time till the Seasoning is done; beat up three Yolks of Eggs, with some chopped Chervil, Verjuice, Pepper, Salt, and grated Nutmeg, and reduce it to a thick consistence: Serve upon brazed Bottoms of Artichokes.