Sauce A La Morue - Scate Or Cod Sauce

Take a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol, two Shallots, two Cloves, a Laurel Leaf, some Mushrooms, and a Bit of Butter; soak all together on the Fire, adding a small Spoonful of Flour and Milk, or Cream, sufficient to boil to the Consistence of a Sauce; sift it, and add to it some chopped Parsley, first scalded.

Sauce Au Fin, Wine Sauce

Boil half a Pint of red Wine, with a Spoonful or two of good Broth, a few Coriander Seeds, a Bit of Cinnamon, and Sugar; sift it through a Sieve, to serve in a Sauce Boat.

Sauce A La Polonoise - A Polish Sauce

Scald a Clove of Garlick with a little Taragon and Burnet, Chervil, two Leaves of Mint, and chop all together very fine; then boil two Spoonfuls of ConD 4 sommee and as much white Wine, with two Cloves; reduce it to half in boiling; then take out the Cloves, and add what you have chopped, with Pepper, Salt, and a few Bits of Seville Orange. Warm without boiling,

Sauce Au Foye, Liver Sauce, Or Sauce Of Liver

Take the Livers of Poultry or Game, chop them very fine with Parsley, Chibol, two or three Tara-gon Leaves, and two Shallots; soak it with a little Butter till the Livers are done; then pound all together, and add some Cullis and Broth, Pepper and Salt; then boil it a Moment with two Glasses of red Wine, Coriander, Cinnamon, and Sugar; reduce it to a Sauce, sift in a Sieve, and serve it in a Sauce-Boat, You may also add a Bit of Butter rolled in Flour, to thicken it.

Sauce Blanche - White Sauce

Melt the Bigness of an Egg of Butter rolled in Flour, with a Couple of Anchovies; add some Water, whole Chibol, whole Pepper, and a little Vinegar; simmer it a while, and take out the Chibol before you serve it, Sauce a l' Espagnole.

Spanish Sauce

Garnish your Stew-pan with small Slices of Lard, Veal, Ham, one Onion, one Carrot, and half a Parsnep; soak it till it begins to take Colour, then add two large Glasses of white Wine, as much Consomme, three Cloves of Garlick, a little Coriander, a Laurel Leaf, three of Taragon, two Heads of Cloves, two Sponfuls of good Oil, and three of Cullis,; simmer it till the Meat is done, and skim it a Moment before you sift it.

Sauce Robert, Onion Sauce

Slice several Onions, and fry them in Butter, stirring them often till they take Colour; then add a little Cullis and good Broth, Pepper and Salt; let them boil half an Hour, and reduce to a Sauce; when ready, add Mustard: You may sift it for those that only like the Flavour of Onions.

It is done in the same Manner for Meagre Sauce, using Meagre Broth and Cullis.

Sauce A`la Moutarde, Mustard Sauce

Boil in Broth two Shallots chopped, coarse Pepper and Salt, mix some Mustard with a little Cullis and Vinegar; warm it without boiling.

Sauce A La Carpe - Carp Sauce

Cut a Carp in large Bits, and put it into a Stew-pan with a few Slices of Lard, Ham, Veal, two Onions, one Carrot, and half a Parsnep; soak it till it catches a little; then add a Glass of white Wine and good Broth, a little Cullis, a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol, a Clove of Garlick, two of Spices, and a Laurel Leaf; simmer for an Hour, skim it very well, and sift it in a Sieve.