Sauce A L' Anguille - Eel Sauce

Cut the Eels, and soak them, as in the last Receipt; adding all Sorts of Roots, and three or four Tara-gon Leaves, instead of the Faggot and Laurel; skim it well, and sift it for use.

Sturgeon Sauce is made after the same Manner: Pike Sauce the same as the Carp.

Sauce A La Bechamel, Begamel Sauce

Put into a Stew-pan a few Slices of Ham, a few Mushrooms, two Shallots, two Cloves, a Laurel Leaf, and a Bit of Butter; soak all together till it begins to take Colour; add a little Flour and Milk, or Cream; simmer half an Hour, and sift it in a Sieve: You may add scalded Parsley chopped very fine.

Sauce Au Maquereau. Mackerel Sauce

Scald green Goosberries and Fennel; chop the Fennel very fine, take a Bit of Butter rolled in Flour, Pepper and Salt, and add a little Veal Gravy, to reduce it to the Consistence of a white Sauce.

Sauce Remoulade - Horse-radish Or Mustard Sauce

IF you want it hot, slice two Onions and fry them in Oil; when they begin to colour add a Glass of white Wine, as much Broth, two slices of Lemon, first peeled, two Cloves of Garlick, a Laurel Leaf, Thyme, Basil, and two Cloves; boil a Quarter of an Hour, and sift in a Sieve; add a chopped Anchovy and Capers, a Spoonful of Mustard, or Horse-radish reduced to a Marmalade, Pepper and Salt: Warm without boiling.

This Sauce is made cold, with chopped Parsley, Chibol, Shallots, a Clove of Garlick, Anchovies and Capers, a Spoonful of Mustard, or Horse-radish scraped very fine, a Spoonful of Oil, Vinegar, Pepper and Salt.

Sauce Poivrade. Sharp, Or Pepper Sauce

Take a Bit of Butter, with sliced Onions, Bits of Carrots, Parsneps, half a Parsley Root, two Cloves of Garlick, a Laurel Leaf, and two Cloves: soak all together till it takes Colour; then add some Cullis, half a Glass of Vinegar and Broth, Salt and coarse Pepper; boil it to the Consistence of Sauces, skim it, and sift it through a Sieve.

Sauce Hackee. Minced Sauce

Soaka Slice of Ham over the Fire; when it catches a little mince it very fine, and put it into the same Stew-pan with chopped Mushrooms, Parsley, Chibol, and two Shallots; add a Glass of white Wine, as much Consomme, a little Salt and coarse Pepper: simmer it to a Sauce Consistence, skim it well, and add a pounded Anchovy.

Sauce Au Bain-marie (see Page 2 For Instructions)

According to the Quantity of Sauce wanted, cut very thin Slices of Fillet of Veal, Ham, Beef, Carrots, Parsneps, Parsley - Roots, Onions, Turneps, Celery, Leeks, of each a proper Quantity, so as not to overcome each other in Flavour; put all together in a small Soup-pot, upon a few Slices of Lard; stop it well, and put it on an Ashes Fire to soak some Time; then add a little white Wine, and as much Broth; Put your Pot into another to simmer for about four Hours; sift this Sauce in a Lawn Sieve, to use for what you please.

Sauce Au Porc Frais, Fresh Pork Sauce

Fry two or three Onions sliced in Oil till they take Colour, then add Broth, two Spoonfuls of Cullis, chopped Mushrooms, a Clove of Garlick, two of Spices, and a little Vinegar; boil for half an Hour, to reduce it to the Consistence of a Sauce; skim it well, and sift it.