Brochet A La Simone - Pike Country-wife's Fashion

Cut a Pike into pieces, and marinate it in Vinegar, with Pepper and Salt: Cut Turnips to what shape you please, fry them in Butter and Flour to give them a brown Colour, then add a little Broth, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, a Laurel-leaf, and one Clove; put the Fish to this, with a little more Butter, and when done, thicken the Sauce with Flour, adding Pepper, Salt, and a little Vinegar: Garnish the Dish with fried Bread.

Brochet En Grenadins - Pike As Small Fricandeaux

Cut a large Pike into middling pieces, skin them, take out the Back-bone, and lard them; braze them with thin slices of Veal and Ham, whole Mush-rooms, a faggot of sweet Herbs, some Broth, half a pint of white Wine, and two spoonfuls of Oil; sim-mer slowly until the Fish is done; then take the Grenadins out, sift the Braze, and reduce it to a Caramel to glaze them with: Serve upon any sort of stewed Greens, or what Sauce you think proper.

Brochet En Etuv'ee - Pike Stewed As Matlot

Make a Rissollet with Butter and Flour, a pint of red Wine, a Faggot, two or three Cloves, Thyme and Laurel, one dozen of small Onions half boiled, Pepper and Salt, and the Pike cut into pieces; sim-mer it till the Fish is done, then take out the Faggot, and add a good bit of Butter: When ready to serve, add half a spoonful of Capers, and one or two chopped Anchovies; garnish the Dish with fried Bread, and serve the Sauce over all. - You may also add Artichoke-bottoms, Mushrooms, Carp-roes, Pickled Gir-kins, or any thing else, as conveniency offers.

Brochet Au Vin De Champagne - Pike With White Wine

Cut the Pike without scaling it, and stuff it with a Farce made of Butter, chopped Parsley, green Shallots, one Clove of Garlick, Thyme, Laurel, Basil, Salt, and fine Spices; put it into a kettle much of its own bigness, with Wine sufficient to cover it, and two or three large Lemons peeled and cut in slices; boil it some time; and then set fire to the Wine with a lighted Paper, and let it burn till the Fish is done: Sift the Sauce, and reduce it to a good Consistence, to serve upon the Pike.

Brochet A La Provençale. Pike The Provence Fashion

Lard it through and through, with Eel and Anchovies, and braze it in a kettle much of its own bigness, with Broth, a little Cullis and white Wine, slices of Onions, bits of Roots, sweet Herbs, a good bit of Butter, Pepper and Salt: Serve with Craw-fish Cullis, or any Sauce or Ragout you please.

Brochet A La Duchesse - Pike, Her Grace's, Or The Duchess's Fashion

Lard it with half Lard and half Ham, and braze it with thin slices of Veal, and a few bits of Ham; cover it over with slices of Bacon, bits of Roots round it, a large Faggot, two cloves of Garlick, and three or four of Spices; soak it on a slow fire about half an hour, then add a bottle of white Wine and Broth; boil it until the Pike is done, then take it out, strew it with Bread Crumbs and small bits of Butter very close, and place it in the oven to take a good brown Colour; skim and sift the Braze, add a little Cullis, and serve under the Fish.

Brochet Moitié au bleu. Moitié frit. Pike half stewed and half fried. Cut a good large Pike in two; dew the Head-part, as you do Carp with red Wine: Split the other part in two, and marinate it some time in Vinegar and Water, Pepper and Salt, two Cloves, sliced Onions, and Shallots; then wipe it clean, and flour it to fry: Serve both upon the same Dish, with a little of the Sauce upon the dewed part, and fried Parsley for the other. You may serve the remainder of the Sauce in a Boat.