Terrine De Becasses - Tureen Of Woodcocks

Garnish a Stew-pan with slices of Fillet of Veal, and Ham; truss the Woodcocks whole, and give them a few turns in Butter, then put them along with the Veal and Ham, covered over with thin slices of Bacon; add Broth, half a pint of white Wine, Pepper and Salt, two Onions and other Roots sliced, and a faggot of sweet Herbs; when done, put them in the Tureen, free from Fat: Serve upon them a good Ragout of Sweet-breads, fat Livers, Mushrooms, etc. etc. which you will find in the Ragout Articles.

Terrine De Perdrix - Tureen Of Partridges

A Partridge Tureen may be differently prepared; as with Cabbages, Lentil Cullis, or Sweet-bread Ragout like the last. Take what quantity of Partridges you please, truss them as for boiling, and lard the Breasts of some to please different tastes: If you would dress the Dish with Cabbages, cut a large one into quarters, scald it first, then put it to boil with the Partridges, or rather to stew, with about half a pound of Pickled Pork, Broth, a faggot, Pepper, a little Salt, according as the Pork will admit, and two or three Cloves; when done, drain the Partridges and Cabbage; put the Birds into the Tureen, the Cabbage round or between, and the Pickled Pork upon them: Serve with a good. Veal Cullis Sauce. If you would have it with Lentil Cullis, you will find the way to make it in the Cullis Articles.

Terrines De Queues De Mouton, & Ailerons, Au Coulis & Ragout De Maron Tureen Of Sheep's Rumps And Poultry-pinions, With Chestnut Cullis And Ragout

Scald six Sheeps Rumps, and as many Pinions as you please; put the Rumps into a small Pan upon a few slices of Bacon, with a faggot, half a clove of Garlick, two of Spices, a little Thyme and Basil, half a Bay Leaf, a little Broth, a glass of white Wine, a little Salt and Pepper, a slice of Ham, and a few whole Mushrooms; boil on a slow fire; when the Rumps are half done, put, the Pinions to them, and let them simmer gently: Take as many Chestnuts as you think proper, and roast them enough to peel both . husks; take the best to boil tender in Broth, and pound the others to make a Cullis, with some of the Broth of the first preparation; sift the Cullis in a Sta- mine, and add a little Veal Cullis; put the Rumps into the bottom of the Tureen, the Fat being well wiped off, the Pinions upon them, then the Chesnuts . whole, and lastly the Cullis.

Terrine De Volailles. Tureen Of Poulteries

Take Fowls, Chickens, Turkeys, or Pigeons, which you please, or several sorts together; if Fowls and Turkeys, cut them in quarters; if Chickens and Pigeons, truss them whole as for boiling, with the Legs in the inside; lard them with large pieces of Larding-bacon, and Ham intermixed, and braze them in a well-seasoned Braze: Serve with any stewed Greens or Roots, which you please, or with a Ragout of Sweet-breads: Or you may serve them with any kind Sauce, leaving out the Ragout and Greens.