Dindon A L'ecarlate - Turkey Scarlet Colour

Take up the Skin of a small Turkey from the Flesh without breaking it, and stuff as much Craw-fish Butter under as possible; stuff the inside with a Ragout made of the Liver, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt, prepared in a good Cullis short Sauce; lew it up, and wrap it with slices of Lard and Pepper. Serve with a Craw-fish Cullis; you will find the method of making it in the Cullis Articles.

Dindon A La Mayence. Turkey Mayence Fashion

Truss a Turkey for roasting, singe it over the fire, and lard all the Breast with Mayence Ham, in-stead of Lard; (cut the Ham with the grain, other-wife it will break in larding) wrap the Turkey up in several Papers, and roast it, basting it often with Butter: Make a Sauce with a rich Cullis, half a glass of white Wine, two spoonfuls of Gravy, Pepper, Salt, and two or three Shallots finely chopped.

Dindon A La Poele. Turkey In A Hurry

Truss a Turkey with the Legs inward, and flatten it as much as you can; put it in a Stew-pan, with melted Lard, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, and a little Garlick; give it a few turns on the fire, and add the Juice of half a Lemon, to keep it white; then put it in another Stew-pan, with slices of Veal, one slice of Ham, the melted Lard, and every thing as used before, adding whole Pepper and Salt; cover it over with slices of Lard, and soak it about half an hour on a slow fire; then add a glass of white Wine and a little Broth, and finish the brazing; skim and sift the Sauce, add a little Cullis to make a Liaison, reduce it to a good consistence, and serve upon the Turkey.

Dindon Farci De Marons & Saucisses - Turkey Roasted, Stuffed With Sausages And Chestnuts

Roast what quantity of Chestnuts you think proper, peel them, and pound a few to make a Farce, with the Liver, chopped Parsley, Shallots, etc. a little Salt and Pepper, a bit of Butter, and three raw Yolk's of Eggs; stuff the Craw of the Turkey with this, and the Body with the whole Chestnuts, and a good many small Sausages, first fried in Butter till half done; roast the Turkey, wrapped up with slices of Lard and Paper, and serve with a Chesnut Cullis. See Cullis Articles.

Salmi De Dindon - Turkey Hashed

Cut the remains of a roasted Turkey properly; put them into a Stew-pan, with a glass of white Wine, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Truffles, if any, Salt and Pepper, two spoonfuls of Cullis, and a little Broth; boil half an hour, and reduce to a short Sauce: When ready, add a pounded Anchovy, and a Squeeze of Lemon; skim the Sauce free from Fat, and serve all together.

Cuisses De Dindon A La Provenšale - Legs Of Turkey The Provence Fashion

Take the Legs of a roasted Turkey, put them into a Stew-pan with a glass of Wine, as much Broth, Pepper and Salt, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, and one of Garlick; simmer about an hour to reduce the Sauce: Make a Ragout with a Sweet-bread, chopped Mushrooms, Parsley, Shallots, and a bit of Butter; soak this a little while, then add a little Broth and Cullis, and boil it some time: When ready, add a pounded Anchovy, chopped Capers, and a handful of Olives stoned; warm together, without boiling: Let your taste guide you for Pepper and Salt, and the sharpness of the Sauce, which should be relishing, Serve upon the Legs. - This is also called Cuisses Masqu'ees, viz. Legs masked.

Raw Legs of Turkies are also brazed tender, then dipped in Oil or melted Butter, broiled of a fine brown colour, and served with Sauce Remoulade. - This last is called Cuisses de Dindon d la Gendarme, Ailes & Cuisses de Dindon Glac'ees.

Wings and Legs of Turkey Glazed, Cut off the Wings and Legs of a Turkey; (if of a large one, the Wings alone will do for a Dish) cut them pretty large from the Breast, lard them all over, or only one, to please different palates; braze them on a slow fire with slices of Veal and Ham, a Faggot, two Cloves, whole Pepper, Salt, and Broth: When done, skim the Sauce, reduce it to a Glaze, and finish it like Fricandeaux. - You may also braze the Legs in the same manner, and serve them with what stewed Greens, Sauce, or Ragout, you shall think. proper. Or they may be dressed a la Sainte Menehoult, or with Sauce Robert,-The remainder of the Turkey will serve for Filets Ó la Bechamel, in Paper Cases, au Gratin, for Forced-meat, and many other purposes, as occasion shall require - The Legs of Turkies that have been served before may also be dressed as above.