Dindon A La Daube - Turkey Dobed

Make a good Salpicon, viz. a Farce with raw Meat as before directed; lard an old Turkey through and through with large Lardons, rolled in Salt and fine Spices, sweet Herbs finely chopped, and mixed all together; put it into a Brazing-pan of its own big-nefs, with slices of Lard at the bottom, a large faggot of sweet Herbs, four Cloves, one of Garlick, Thyme, Laurel, two or three Onions, two Carrots in bits, whole Pepper and Salt, a glass of Brandy, a pint of white Wine and Broth; braze slowly about six or seven hours until the Flesh gives under the finger; reduce the Broth, skim it and sift it: Let the Turkey cool in the Sauce, to serve cold together. - It may also be used hot with the same Sauce. - An old one is equally good as a young one for a Daube.

Daube De Dindon Four'e - Turkey Dobed Another Way

Bone an old Turkey thoroughlv; lard a middling Fillet of Veal in the same manner as the Turkey la Daube; lard also the Turkey, and stuff it with the Fillet of Veal; finish as the former, and use it the same way.

Dindon Au Court Bouillon - Turkey In Its Own Gravy

Take out the Breast-bone of a Turkey, and stuff it with a Sweet-bread scalded; cut into small bits Mushrooms, scraped Lard, Pepper and Salt; put the Turkey into a Brazing-pan of its own bigness, wrapped up in slices of Lard, with two spoonfuls of Broth, a jill of white Wine, a Faggot, Thyme, Laurel, three Cloves, and a little Nutmeg; braze slowly, and turn it two or three times: When done, skim the Sauce, sift it, and add a chopped Shallot; reduce the Sauce, and serve upon the Turkey.

Dindon Farci De Trufes A L'espagnole - Turkey Stuffed-with Truffles, Spanish Sauce

Peel about a pound, or a pound and a half of Truffles, add a little Salt, Pepper, and scraped Lard, and stuff a fresh-killed Turkey therewith; few it up close, wrap it in two or three sheets of Paper, and keep it in this state for three or four days, that it may take the flavour of the Truffles; then roast it with slices of Lard round, and the same Paper: Serve with a Spanish Sauce. See Sauce Articles.

Dindon En Timbale - Turkey In Moulds

Bone a fat middling Turkey thoroughly, cut it in two at the back, spread it in a Stew-pan, and fill it with a good Salpicon made after this manner: Cut into small bits, Truffles, Mushrooms, a scalded Sweetbread, fat Livers, Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt. - Put this into the Turkey, and few it up like a bag; place a few slices-of Lemon upon it, wrap it up in a Stamine, giving it the form of a Kettle-drum; (that is, round at bottom, and flat at top) braze it in a Stew-pan of its own bigness, with a little Broth, a glass of Wine, a few slices of Veal, a Faggot, three Cloves, half a clove of Garlick, Thyme, Laurel, Pepper and Salt: When done, skim the Sauce, and sift it; add a little Cullis, and reduce it to a good Consistence: Serve this upon the Timbale, being first well wiped of its Fat.