Ouille De Differences Façons. Olio, Or Tureen In Different Manners

Boil in a Broth-pot, a Fowl, a Partridge, a small Leg of Mutton, five on six pounds of large slices of Beef, and a Knuckle of Veal; soak all these together without Broth for some time, turning the Meat to give it a brown colour as for Gravies; then add small Broth or boiling Water, and let it boil slowly about six or seven hours; when it has boiled about an hour, add all sorts of Roots, as done in Soup Broth, and a Minionette, as directed in Meagre Broth (pag. 12.) This Broth ought to be of a fine brown clear colour. It serves for all sorts of Tureens, which are only distin-guished by the different sorts of Roots or Greens with which they are served; and also for Craw-fish, or Rice. Simmer Crusts or toasted Bread a long while with some of this Broth, then put it into the Tureen, and garnish it with any sorts of Garden Stuff. - All kinds of Soups may be served in Tureens, with or without Meat.

Garbure ■ A Tureen With Different Sorts Of Meat

Take a good bit of Ham, slices of Lard and Beef, with two Legs of a Goose; let the Meat catch a little, until it has taken colour; then add Broth, three or four Onions, Carrots, Celery, and a green Cabbage, first scalded in boiling Water; boil it on a slow fire till the Meat is done; garnish the bottom of your Dish with slices of Bread, and soak it with some of the said Broth until it catches; put upon it the Ham and the Legs of the Goose; add Broth sufficient only to keep it of a thick substance.

Terrine A La Flamande, Tureen Flemish Fashion

Scald half a dozen of Turkey Pinions, four Sheeps Rumps, and half a pound or more of Pickled Pork; then tie up each sort together: Scald alsoa good Savoy cut in quarters and tied; put all together into a Pan with good Broth, a faggot of sweet Herbs, Parsley, green Shallots, three Cloves, Pepper and Salt; boil slowly; when done, drain the Meat, put it. in the Tureen, and servea good Cullis Sauce with it, Terrine a l'Angloise.

Tureen English Fashion

Make a good Lentil Cullis, as directed in Cullis Articles, and boil a quarter of a pound of Rice in good Broth; take Sheeps or Beeves Rumps, and bits of Pickled Pork, well brazed and cut in pieces, with two or three Pigeons cut in quarters; put in the bottom of your Tureen some of the Rice, then part of the Meat, then Lentil Cullis, and so continue; the last to be Lentils; fry some Bread Crumbs, and gar-nish the Top therewith; put it into a soaking oven for half an hour. - You may use any sorts of brazed Meat in the same manner.

Terrine De Ce Que L' On Veut - Tureen Of What You Please

Take any sorts of Butcher's Meat, such as Tongues, Beeves Rumps, Brisket, Sheeps Rumps, or pieces of Neck and Leg; braze all these with slices of Lard, a faggot of sweet Herbs, one clove of Garlick, three of Spices, Thyme, Laurel, Pepper and Salt, and a little Broth; When the Meat is done, wipe the Fat off, dress it in the Tureen with what Ragout you please, or Cullis Sauce, or any other: If you would use the Broth of the Meat, take care not to put in too much Salt; Skim the Fat, sift it, and add a little Cullis.