Oreilles De Veau A La Sainte Meneboult. Calves Ears, A` La Sainte Menehoult

The Ears brazed as before; bathe them in a good Batter and Bread Crumbs; broil slowly, basting with a little Butter: Serve with a Sauce Rémoulade in a Sauce-boat, which you will find in Page 42.

Cervelles De Veau A La Creme - Calves Brains, Cream Sauce

Soak and scald the Brains, then boil them in Broth, with two slices of Lemon, sweet Herbs, a clove of Garlick, and two Spice Cloves; cover them with thin slices of Lard: When done, wipe them dry, and serve upon a Sauce a la Bechamel, as in Page 42.

Cervelles De Veau Out Petits Onions. Calves Brains And Small Onions

Scald as many small Onions as you think proper; braze them with the Brains in good Broth, with a few slices of Lard, a glass of white Wine, Pepper and Salt, and a faggot of sweet Herbs; then drain the Brains and Onions; garnish the Dish with the Onions, serve upon it Sauce Ravigotte (Page 37) or any other Sauce.

Cervelles De Veau Out Ecrevisses - Calves Brains And Craw-fish

Prepare the Brains as the former, make a Craw-fish Cullis as in Page 8; boil the Tails in Broth and White Wine; garnish the Dish with the Tails, and serve the Cullis upon the Brains.

Cervelles De Veau Au * Soleil

Calves Brains fried of a fine yellow Colour.

* Au Soleil, Means As Bright As The Sun

Cut the Brains in four pieces, braze them about half an hour in white Wine, with two slices of Lemon, Pepper and Salt, Thyme, Laurel, Cloves, Parsley and Shallots; then drain them and soak them in Batter made of Flour, a little Oil and white Wine, and Fry them of a fine colour. Or you may bathe them in Eggs and . Bread Crumbs, and afterwards broil them.

Cervelles De Veau A La Gascogne - Calves Brains Gascoon Fashion

Make a Sauce with a bit of Butter, Bread Crumbs, a clove of Garlick, Parsley, Chibol, a glass of white Wine, as much Broth, Pepper and Salt; reduce to a Sauce Consistence, and serve upon brazed Brains.

Cervelles De Veau Au * Reveil - Calves Brains, Mustard Sauce

The Brains brazed as the former; make a Batter with Cullis, Butter and Mustard; bathe the Brains in it, and strew over Bread Crumbs and Cheese; give them colour in the oven, or with a Salamander; and serve them upon Cullis and Mustard. When brazed, they may be broiled slowly, and served with a sharp, re-lishing Sauce.

* The Word Reveil signifies the awakening or sharpening of the Palate.

Cervelles De Veau A Differentes Sauces - Calves Brains With Different Sauces

Bralns brazed in Broth and Wine, as directed, may be used with what Sauce or Ragout is most convenient, such as of fat Livers, Pigeons, Sausages, Onions, Capers, fried Bread, etc. etc.

Yeux De Veau De Differentes Façons - Calves Eyes Of Different Fashions

When done like the Brains, you may either fry or broil them; making the same preparation. They may be served in Matelots or Tureens, or by themselves with any Sauce; or as part of any sort of Ragout.