Tête De Veaua La Sauce Au Porc Frais - Calf's Head, With Fresh Pork Sauce

Scald and bone a Calf's Head, and boil it in Broth, with a few slices of Lard; when done, take it out, and wipe it clean: Serve upon it a fresh Pork Sauce, which you will find in Page 43.

Tête De Veau A La Sainte Menehoult - Calf's Head St. Menehoult

Boil a Calf's Head as a la Bourgeoise; make a Forced-meat with the Brains, roasted Poultry, scraped Lard, Bread Crumbs soaked in Milk, Parsley, Mushrooms, three yolks of Eggs, Pepper and Salt; stuff it in the room of the brains, and in the cars; put upon this a thick Sauce made of Cullis, a bit of Butter, and three yolks of Eggs; then sprinkle Crumbs of Bread over it, bake it in the oven of a fine colour; and serve with a relishing Sauce.

Tête De Veau Marinée - Calf's Head Marinated

Boil a Calf's Head about three parts, then take the Brains, Ears, and Tongue, which marinate with Vinegar, Garlick, Shallots, Parsley, Pepper and Salt; dip it in Batter and fry it; serve with fried Parsley.

Oreilles De Veau Frites. Calf's Ears Fried

Braze the Ears in a strong Braze to make them tender; dip them in Batter, and fry them; serve them with fried Parsley. You may also stuff them with good Forced-meat, and fry them the same way.

Observe as a general Rule, that in brazing any thing which requires to be kept white, to put a few slices of peeled Lemon in the Braze, according to the quantity of the other Seasonings.

Oreilles De Veau En Mentis Droits, Calf's Ears Shreded

Braze the Ears, then cut them in fillets; (it is the cutting that gives the name;) serve with a Sauce Robert, which you will find in Page 41.

Oreilles De Veau Au Gratin - Calf's Ears, Au Gratin

(See the Explanation of Gratin, Page 54.)

The Ears brazed are done the same way as all former directions for Gratin. Also broiled, and served with a relishing Sauce.

Oreilles De Veau Au Pontife - Calves Ears Pontiff Sauce

Braze the Ears very white and tender, then take them out and wipe them perfectly dry: Serve upon a Sauce au Pontife, Page 45.

Oreilles De Veaua La Mar Tine - Calves Ears House-wife Fashion

Make a Sauce with a little Jelly Broth, as much white Wine, a bit of Butter, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; boil it to a pretty thick Consistence; when ready, squeeze in half a Seville Orange, and add a few slices to it: Serve upon brazed Ears.

Oreilles De Veau Au Fromage, Calves Ears And Cheese

The Ears being brazed, soak them in melted Butter, Bread Crumbs, and rasped Parmesan; put them in the oven to take a good colour; make a little Forced-meat with rasped Cheese, Bread Crumbs, and three yolks of Eggs; lay this on the Dish you intend to serve; let it catch a little on a very slow fire, lay the Ears upon it, and serve it up with a good clear Cullis for Sauce, Oreilles de Veaua` I'ltalienne, Calves Ears, Italian Sauce.

Braze the Ears in a strong white Braze, with Spices, and a few Slices of Lemon; wipe them dry, and serve them upon the Italian Sauce, which you will find Page 31.