Sauce A La Nonette, Nun's Sauce

Take Slices of Veal and Ham, put them into a Stew-pan with a Spoonful of Oil, two or three Mushrooms, a Faggot of Parsley, Chibol, a Clove of Gar-lick, two Heads of Cloves, and half a Leaf of Laurel; let it catch on the Fire, then add some good Broth, a little Gravy, and a Glass of white Wine; simmer it some Time, skim it well, and sift it in a Sieve; when ready, add to it two or three green Shallots, or Rocamboles, and a Dozen of Pistachio Nuts whole.

Sauce Verte - Green Sauce

Take Chervil, Parsley, Taragon, and Burnet; wash all well, squeeze out the Water, and pound them very fine; then put it on the Fire with good Consomme; sift it in a Stamine with Expression, and add Butter rolled in Flour, Pepper and Salt; simmer it without boiling.

Sauce Verte D'une Autre Fašon - Green Sauce Of Another Kind

Scald a Handful of Spinach for half an Hour, with Parsley and Tops of green Shallots; then take all out, squeeze it well, and pound it very fine; put into a Stew-pan a few Mushrooms, sliced Onions, two Cloves of Garlick, two or three Taragon Leaves, one of Laurel, a little Basil, two Cloves, a little Butter, two Spoonfuls of Cullis, and as much white Wine; boil it a Moment, then add your green Sauce, and sift it in a Stamine; add Pepper and Salt, and simmer it without boiling.

Sauce Piquante - Sharp, Or Relishing Sauce

Soaka good Slice of Veal and Ham; when it catches add a Glass of white Wine, half a Glass of white Vinegar, two of Broth, two Spoonfuls of Oil, two Cloves of Garlick, two Slices of peeled Lemon, four or five Taragon Leaves, one of Laurel, one of Mint, two Cloves, and a little Coriander; simmer for an Hour on a slow Fire, and reduce it to the Consistence of a Sauce; skim off the Fat very clean, and sift it in a Sieve: You may add a little Cullis if you would have it thicker.

Sauce Au Bleu Celeste. A Sky-blue Sauce

Take a small Handful of Crumbs of Bread sifted in a Cullender, boil it in Milk until it becomes quite thick, taking Care to stir it, left it should burn; add a little boiled Cream, and sift in a Stamine; then boil a Glass of white Wine, with a Clove of Garlick; pound very fine some Chervil, Parsley, Taragon, and sift it with the white Wine; add this green with the white Sauce; and also add a little Cullis, Pepper and Salt: Warm it without boiling.

Sauce Au Pontife. Pontiff Sauce

Soak Slices of Veal, Ham, sliced Onions, Carrots, Parsneps, and half a Head of Celery; let it catch; then add a Glass of white Wine, as much good Broth, a Clove of Garlick, four Shallots, one Clove, a little Coriander, and two Slices of peeled Lemon; boil on a slow Fire till the Meat is done; skim it, and sift it in a Sieve; add a little Cullis, and a small Quantity of fine chopped Parsley, just before you use it.

Sauce A La Nichon - The House-wife's Sauce

Take some of the former Sauce sifted without Cullis, add a Bit of Butter rolled in Flour, and chopped Chervil: Use it when warm.