Gras Or Meagre - Crime Légère - Light Cream

Boil a pint of Cream until it is reduced to half, with a quarter of a pound of Sugar; then take it off the fire, put a few bruised Macaroni-drops into it, Lemon-peel finely chopped, and six Whites of Eggs well beat up; put the Table-dish on an Ash-fire, pour the Cream into it, and cover it with a Brazing-pan Cover, with a little fire upon it: If it does not take colour enough in this manner, colour it with a Salamander; it ought to be a fine brown, not too much done, but to shake like a jelly; and must be served hot.

Creme Au Chapelet. From The Border Made In The Form Of Beads

Boil a pint of Cream to reduce it to half, with Lemon-peel, Cinnamon, Coriander-seed, Sugar, and the Skin of a Fowl's Gizzard chopped; strain it in a Stamine: Prepare a border for the Dish, with some pounded Chocolate, a spoonful of Gum-dragon melted thick, and sifted through a Cloth; put fine Sugar to it until it becomes a hard Parte, roll bits of it into beads, put them to dry, and garnish the Dish round with them. The Cream must be finished as the former, only left white; the Beads are joined together with caramelled Sugar in the form of croffes, or any other, and made to stand up round the Cream.

Crime En Quadrille - Four Squares, Or Partitions Of Four Colours

Make a bit of hard Paste with Flour, one Yolk of an Egg, and half of the White; make a border with part of it, and four partitions in the Dish of what shape you please; rub the bottom with Yolks of Eggs to make the Paste stick, and bake it a moment: Boil a pint of Cream, reduce it to three parts, and add fine Sugar in it; mix part of it with some ready-boiled Chocolate, which you put in one partition; also one part mixed with Caramel Sugar, and put it in the partition over-against the first: Add four Yolks of Eggs to the remainder to fill the two others, and strew Nonpareils upon one of them.

Crime A La Croix De Maltbe - Malta Cross

ForM a Malta Cross with the same sort of Paste as the former upon the Dish intended for table, and bake it as the last; put a white Cream in the middle, and some mixed with Coffee round it; bake it between two Ashes-fires, which is also called Bain-Marie, for Creems.

Crème A La Sultane - Turkish Cream

Boil and reduce a pint of Cream to three parts, with Sugar and Lemon-peel: When it is half cold, add a little Flour, and six Yolks of Eggs; sift it in a Sieve, and pour it on the Table-dish to bake like the last, without colouring: When half done, put some preserved Orange-slower upon it, so as to appear when it is done. These Orange-flowers are dried and prepared like burnt Almonds: Almonds after this manner may serve to garnish this Cream: They are both called after the same name, viz. Pralinée.

Crème A L'abbesse - The Lady Abbess Of A Convent. Nuns Cream

Boil a pint of Cream, with Cinnamon, Coriander-feed, Lemon-peel, and Sugar; reduce it to three parts; mix six Yolks of Eggs with it, and sift it in a Sieve; then add burnt Orange-flowers, dried pre-served Citron, a few Macaroni-biscuits bruised, and a bit of Chocolate pounded; and finish it as the former, between two slow Fires.