Crème A La Mariee. Bride Cream

Beat up six Yolks of Eggs, and two of the Whites, with a spoonful of Flour, Lemon-peel chopped very fine, a little Orange-flowers, Chocolate, and Ma-caroni as the last, half a pint of Cream, and a good quantity of Sugar, according to taste; boil it on the Fire about a quarter of an hour; then pour it on the Dish; colour the top with a hot Shovel.

Crème Frite. Fried Cream

Boil a pint of Cream with Sugar, Lemon-peel, Coriander-feed, and Cinnamon; reduce it to half; then mix six Yolks of Eggs beat up, and sift it in a Sieve; bake as all others, only rather more when it is to be used cold; cut it into small square pieces, or in any other shape; flour them to fry, and serve with a Sugar-glaze; which is done easily, by strewing a little Sugar-powder, and applying a hot Shovel.

Autre Crème Frite. Another Fried Cream

Beat up three spoonfuls of Flour with six whole Eggs, half a pint of Cream, Macaroni-biscuits bruised, Citron-chips, Orange-flowers, and Sugar; boil all together, stirring continually: When it is boiled quite thick, drop it upon a Dish floured at the bottom, about a spoonful separately, and flour it again over; let it cool, and fry it as the last: You may glaze some, and serve some without glazing.

Crime De Chocolat. Chocolate Cream

Boil a quarter of a pound of Chocolate, with three half-pints of Cream, and Sugar in proportion; reduce it by boiling to about one pint; add six Yolks of Eggs beat up, and mix it very well; bake it between two Fires as other Creams, without Border.

Crime De Cafe, Coffee Cream

Mix three cups of good Coffee, with one pint of Cream, and Sugar according to taste; boil them together, and reduce them about one third: Observe, that the Coffee must be done as if it was for drinking alone, and fettled very clear, before you mix it with the Cream. Finish this as the last.

Crème D'Herbages De Ce Que L'on Veut. Cream Of Any Kind Of Garden Herbs

Boil three half-pints of Cream to one pint, with Sugar sufficient; a few minutes before you take it off the Fire, put what Herbs you think proper therein, just long enough to give it the taste of whatever it is, as Tea, Anise-seed, Charvil, Taragon, Celery, Parsley, etc, etc. add a spoonful of Flour, and six Yolks of Eggs; mix it well together, sift it in a Sieve upon the Table-dish, and finish it as the last. It is called by the name of the Herbs or Seeds that are used.

Creme Veloutee, Veloutée, velveted, soft, rich, requiring no addition.

This is the same Cream as directed in the second Cream au Chapelet; it is only served in the Table-dish alone, without any Border or garnishing, and kept very white in the baking between Ashes- fire.

Crème Brulee. Burnt Cream

Beat up a spoonful of Flour with six Yolks of Eggs and four of the Whites, Orange-flowers, Citron, and Macaroni-drops, all finely chopped, three half-pints of Cream, and some Sugar; boil it about half an hour on a slow Fire, flirting constantly; when it is reduced to about one third part, and is pretty thick, pour it on the Table-dish: Make a Caramel with Sugar and Water; when it is of a fine Cinnamon colour, pour it gently round, and over part of the Cream: You may also brown it with a hot Salamander or Shovel, and keep it a while, like the rest, on a very slow heat.